In a typical legal system, defense lawyers counsel and act as the defendant’s confidante in all matters relating to the system workings, and an Alameda County criminal defense attorney is no exception. Usually, defendants can either pay for a criminal defense attorney or choose to be represented by a public defender (typically on the government’s payroll).

Not all defendants are financially capable of employing an attorney and in those scenarios, judges typically assign legal representation to such folks.

It’s not uncommon to find defendants, though a small cut, who choose to defend themselves upon being charged. The loose term for such crops is “pro se” defendants. However, we don’t recommend that as you might end up getting into more trouble. 

Suppose you have been arrested for a criminal offense and would want to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Alameda, this piece will come in handy. Read to the end to discover how to get the best attorney to represent you in a criminal case proceedings in Alameda County.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

When a defendant gets charged, it’s the job(or duty) of the accused’s attorney to probe the factualities of the accusation, mount a good defense for their client and if necessary, come to an agreement acceptable to both sides of the case.

The best criminal defense attorney understands how crucial plea-making, witnesses’ cross-examination, and evidence accumulation are to the potential success of a case and do incorporate all these into the legal proceedings.

Pre-courtroom settlements have risen in significance and are virtually indispensable to the smooth runnings of the nation’s justice system. It’s not too difficult to see the need for such deals. You need only to check on the depressing stats of the government’s incarceration system and the verities of prison reform protests.

To cap it, defense attorneys tune things one notch further by necessarily getting personal with their clients. Not all cases go in favor of defendants and no set of individuals are in a better position to provide all aid defendants may require to deal with the typical psychological trauma that accompanies being left at the mercy of the legal system.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

Whether or not a defendant gets to have a public defender represent them depends crucially on their state of finance and if or not they run a chance of ending up in jail. A financially incapable defendant who can’t pay for private representation benefits from having a government-paid defender appointed to them. 

At times, some individuals who don’t qualify as indigent may also crave representation by public defenders. In such cases, whether the court finds them worthy of being represented or not can’t be predetermined prior to the start of proceedings. 

More often than not, these types of defendants are encouraged to enlist the aid of a low-cost criminal defense attorney who charges per hour or at a fixed rate. 

An Alameda County criminal defense attorney typically fixes a median rate of $120 per hour to represent defendants. That indigent defendants have been granted access to court-appointed lawyers doesn’t automatically assign them the privilege to pick which attorney they get to be represented by.

For a criminal defense attorney free consultation, consider checking out  You also get to enjoy a no-cost interview with an experienced Alameda County criminal defense attorney on the best way to resolve your case.

Who Fares Better? A Private Attorney or a Public Defender?

It’d be best to pitch your tent with a private attorney if you can afford one. A 2013 study featured in the New York Times showed that defendants who had private attorneys represent them were 70% less likely to get convicted or receive long jail terms.

Considering that private defenders are less burdened as their caseload is considerably lesser than public defenders, it’s not too difficult to understand why.

Also, you have the option of interviewing and selecting which lawyer you find most suitable for your case type (based on their proven record), an opportunity not afforded you if you’re represented by a public defender.

Conclusively, should you opt to work with a private attorney, you’d certainly enjoy better correspondence on the progress being made on your case and benefit from your lawyer’s superior access to verdict-swerving resources in place to make a better plea for you.

private attorney

Things to Keep in Mind When Checking Out Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are quite a number of ways to find the best private attorney to represent you in an upcoming court case. One of such could be to request recommendations from friends and relations or check with a lawyer you’ve used in the past who may have peers to recommend to you – especially if they’re not acquainted with the practice of criminal law.

You can also use the internet. Querying search engines with ‘a criminal defense attorney near me is a great place to start. 

Chances are your work schedule may not grant you much time to search for a great lawyer. As a result, we’ve narrowed down some major points to concentrate on to quickly decide whether or not an attorney is a proper fit for your case.

  • How Experienced Are They?

It’s vital that the lawyer has lots of criminal defense expertise, particularly in dealing with accusations like yours. Criminal prosecutions have different legal guidelines compared with civil cases, so you’ll want a lawyer well-versed with them.

  • Do They Operate Where the Lawsuit Was Filed?

Retaining a local lawyer who is well used to the local court procedures and has a rapport with the judicial bodies involved in your case would be advantageous and possibly might swerve things in your favor.

  • Do They Have a Proven Record of Successfully Negotiating Plea Bargains

You’ll be in a better position to escape unscathed if you engage a defender with considerable experience arranging plea bargains as well as winning trials.

Whereas a considerable portion of like-kind proceedings is settled via a plea deal, your lawyer must recognize the value of comprehensive research and should easily embrace the idea of a trial if necessary.

Final Thoughts

With so much at stake, all that hassle to select the best attorney in Alameda is well worth it. While you can conduct much of your inquiries on the internet, you must also take steps to physically interview the attorney. 

Don’t be hesitant to ask the necessary questions and remember, it’s best not to rush into finding the most qualified counsel to avoid making mistakes.