Thanksgiving is a special time for kids to celebrate and also have fun. It is a period to show gratitude for the good things of life and celebrate with loved ones, family, and friends, and sharing of food and thanksgiving Turkey. It is only celebrated once a year which makes it a special time to go all out for the celebration. 

Although November is not here yet, we have created this post to ensure that you cherish every Thanksgiving memory you have had in times past. 

  1. Thanksgiving Coloring 

 One of the best ways for kids to celebrate Thanksgiving is by indulging in coloring activities. Thanksgiving coloring pages have different thanksgiving related images that can be colored in different shades of colors. The big bold thanksgiving letters can be colored using different letters, the roasted turkey image can be in brown or red color, the leaves of fall can be colored green or brown and other iconic images of pumpkin pie and a pumpkin can be colored uniquely. 

  1. Thanksgiving Phrase 

 This is a thanksgiving activity that will task the brain of kids. They have to engage in guessing the answers to the phrase as they relate to the thanksgiving celebration. The game can be played by one or 2 kids as one fills the answers and the other player provides the right answer to match the first player’s answer.  

  1. Gratitude Turkey Pumpkin 

 This is an activity that can be engaged in by kids of all ages. With simple items such as the construction papers, wooden skewers and a pumpkin to get involved in this activity. A shape from the turkey image can be created from the construction paper and glued to the pumpkin. This activity can also serve as a drawing or writing activity for kids with the use of construction papers and writing tools.

  1. Stuff Turkey

This activity can be carried out by kids of all ages because of its simplicity. A large turkey paper image can be gotten and a large brown paper bag can be gotten around the house and glue to hold them in place. All you have to do is glue the large turkey image on the paper bag to signify thanksgiving and small toys and items that aren’t heavy can be stuffed into the turkey paper bag. 

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  1. Thanksgiving Bingo 

Here is a card activity that will get kids to have lots of fun during the thanksgiving celebration. Bingo is a card game that can be downloaded or printed and used as a calling card. The cards can be cut out and placed in a place to be selected from. A candy or non-candy is used to create a mark on the selected image and a description is given to find similar images. The game can be played by a single kid or more players in a team. See more printable bingo cards.

  1. Family Tree Craft

This is an awesome thanksgiving activity to show gratitude for the families of loved ones in our lives. Thanksgiving is all about celebration and fun and creating the family tree is definitely a fun activity for kids of all ages. A large family tree image can be printed and the whole family can gather around to identify the connection in the family tree. This will ensure that the bond in the family is strengthened and everyone is aware of the bloodline.

  1. Thanksgiving I Spy

I Spy is a popular game that has been adapted as a thanksgiving activity for kids.  Thanksgiving I spy cards can be printed online for kids to learn as it serves as observation, listening, and exploration skills using their sense organs. It is a guessing game that enables kids to identify words associated with the Thanksgiving period, word sounds, labeling objects, and so on.

  1. Thanksgivings Alphabet Game

This is an interesting and fun game that can keep kids busy for a long time in celebration of Thanksgiving. They can be thankful for the period and take a paper to list out in alphabetical arrangements those things that make them happy for the season. They can engage in this activity not only physically but also online. 

  1. Pictures Scavenger Hunt

This is an activity that kids can engage in groups. A picture scavenger hunt can be organized among others. This involves looking for items around the house that reminds one of the Thanksgiving period. After the pictures have been identified, the person who gets to it and brings it out wins any round of the activity. This can also serve as an exercise activity for kids.

  1. Turkey Tag Activity

Turkey Tag activity is considered an essential aspect of Thanksgiving. A large image of a turkey can be printed and glued to the clothes of a kid to act as a tag. Then the kid or kids can act as turkey and run around until the tag is removed and placed on someone else. This is a fun game that everyone in the family or many kids will enjoy playing.

  1. Read Thanksgiving Books

Yes! Reading during Thanksgiving isn’t a boring activity. A list of Thanksgiving books can be searched online by kids. Books with pictorial displays can be more fun to read. The books can be read aloud to others in order for them to share in the Thanksgiving spirit!

  1. Spin the Pie Activity

This is an activity that is tagged as a gratitude game. A large piece of paper is unfolded on a big plate and placed on a table. The center is divided into six sections. Each section is labeled family, home, travel, friends, work as well as pets. The plate can be placed on a will to enable it to be spun in a circle. Whatever the category spun by the kid, they tell a memorable experience. 

  1. Sort Turkey Sticker

Turkey stickers come in various colors. Turkey stickers can be gotten for the kids to keep busy during Thanksgiving. This is an activity that can improve kids’ color recognition and refine their motor skills. 

  1. Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles

This is one of the best activities for mental alertness during Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving-related jigsaw puzzle can be put together to have great fun. This can be played in groups to make it more fun.

  1. Thanksgiving Pictionary game. 

This is an activity where different emojis of Thanksgiving phrases can be put together to create a perfect theme. It is a challenging Pictionary game that will keep kids busy for a long time.