Now that summer is just around the corner, and we are still stuck in this crazy and miserable year–we should say it’s essential for a gentleman like you to look and feel your best whenever you walk out that door. This is true nowadays when you perhaps barely have the chance to go out anymore. That is why when you do, whether it’s for just taking yourself out on a date over a few errands or catching up with a close pal, you slay any casual look like a rockstar.

In this post, we’ll share with you five tips on how to score that casual outfit to look and feel your best. Let’s get started! 

  1. Wear a Classy Watch

Are you the type of guy who sometimes feels naked when you’re not wearing a watch? We won’t be touching on actual studies just yet, but if you would try digging into a lot of online forums, surprisingly a lot of people get this feeling. Mostly men discuss and share these not-so-rare sentiments of incompleteness when they are not wearing a watch. Perhaps it’s because any decent man of class always practices sharp and responsible timekeeping.

That brings us to the first tip on this list which is pretty simple. You can try going underdressed overall, but you should never go underdressed with your choice of a watch. No matter how basic your get-up is, a classy wristwatch from known brands like Breitling will be your ultimate gamechanger. So when it comes to wearing a watch, never underdressed–or worse, never NOT wear a wristwatch at all. 

  1. Smell Fresh All Day

Let’s now do a quick TEDTalk on fragrances and how you can boost your confidence by wearing them the right way. The magic in any perfume or fragrance is the fact that you make its scent unique. Although relatively, the perfume has an original scent and aroma, your pheromones will help recreate a fragrance that is unique and entirely different.

So, what are the common mistakes that men make when wearing perfume? There are two of them, and we will talk about each one:

Not Knowing the Perfume Types

Do you remember wearing perfume for the first time, reading them fancy perfume classifications in French? Let’s briefly talk about what they mean and how strong they are.

Eau Fraiche

This perfume, which means “freshwater,” has oils in the lowest concentration. It is diluted with water, not alcohol, and it will often last you 1-2 hours. This lightweight perfume is just enough to energize you after a nice morning shower to start your day.

Eau de Cologne

On the other hand, Eau de Cologne is mixed mostly with alcohol–which is enough to last you a good 2-4 hours. This type of fragrance is good to wear during the summer since although it is somewhat lightweight, it is strong enough to give you a good presence.

Eau de Toilette

Lastly, there is Eau de Toilette or EDT. You might already know that the list doesn’t end here, as there are stronger perfume types out there. However, this is the strongest that you can wear in the summertime. EDT perfumes usually highlight citrusy notes and ingredients that them greater strength. If you are preparing for a long day, Eau de Toilette will be the perfect choice to keep you smelling fragrant.

Spritzing Too Much, Too Little, and in the Wrong Places

The second mistake men make is putting in little amounts which makes no lasting effect or committing the ultimate overkill–spritzing too much, especially if it’s a strong perfume. This may potentially give the opposite effect that you want to achieve. So, what’s the secret to avoiding “under or overdoing” it?

The secret to wearing perfume is this unpopular but effective practice: At a 6-inch distance from the bottle, have one spray on either side of your collar bone. Next, give one spray behind each ear, and the fifth and final spray goes at the hair above your nape. The first two areas are excellent greeting and pulse-points that are perfect for emanating the fragrance. And the spray on your nape will help you leave a great scent trail.

Always remember to refrain from wearing perfume like a body spray. Instead, trust your pheromones and perfume will work harmoniously for you.

  1. Wear Basic but Classic

Oftentimes, we are already given the chance to go dressy at formal, smart casual, and other events. But if you were honest with yourself, some of those outfits are not always comfortable to wear. When it comes to going casual, the best part is the freedom to choose the comfiest clothes in your wardrobe. And the first basic but classic piece you should choose is no other than the plain white shirt. As the alpha and the omega in the world of fashion, plain white t’s will never get old no matter how dumbfoundingly simple they are. 

Next, if you think jeans are too tight or heavy, try wearing darkened khaki or grey-colored shorts, or maybe some jogger pants–whichever is more comfy or accessible to you. Better yet, wear tennis shorts. You’ll never go wrong with the comfort you get from tennis shorts. Also, be sure to choose a pair in neutral colors.

And lastly, we all know white sneakers are the staple footwear of any wardrobe. Slide into the comfiest you have, or since it’s summer–try to find a dope pair of sandals. Whether it’s the Nike Ultra comfort 3 or a pair of Greek leather, sandals provide easy and breathable comfort. In the summer heat, even our feet should be able to breathe and enjoy a fresh breeze! 

When in doubt, the simple yet quality pieces are always the ones to pick out! And you will surely rock that casual get-up.

  1. Buy Matching Cloth Face Masks

Since we all know this pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon, continuously wearing surgical masks is a total waste and it is also bad for the environment. What better way to save the turtles than to do it with style! Be environmentally friendly by buying neutral-colored face masks to match your casual outfit. When your day is over, just throw your mask into the wash. This is a more fashionable and sustainable option to stay protected from any virus.

Less Is More

So, what is our takeaway? There are days when we need to wear outfits that are loud or flashy. And there are those slow and chill days when what we need most is optimum comfort. If you have noticed, the principle behind every essential tip on this list is that “less is more” and comfort is crucial and both can be done without compromising style. This philosophy in fashion is what we hope to see in your upcoming summer getups. Because contrary to popular belief, style and comfort are key ingredients to slaying any casual look!