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Facts About BharatBenz Trucks

Bharat Benz is a global bus and auto manufacturing company. It was one of the first bus manufacturers in India. It started out as a small manufacturing unit catering to the needs of the Indian bus market and has grown into a world-class manufacturer of commercial vehicles, coaches and buses. It is located in India’s erstwhile princely state of Gujarat and is represented by two manufacturing divisions namely, Bharat Benz Shipper and Haldiram Hofer.

The name ‘Bharat’ signifies ‘blessed’, which is attributed to the fact that the original manufacturer was blessed with good growth and success. The company’s originality and commitment to quality have resulted in making it a significant player in the Indian trucking and bus manufacturing industry. There are many reasons why Bharat Benz has emerged as a popular choice when it comes to manufacturing buses in India. Specialty in manufacturing of buses helps it gain a distinct position in the competitive Indian trucking and bus manufacturing market.

The company boasts of several innovative technologies such as high-speed trains, diesel buses, and more. In addition, it has an excellent record of manufacturing trucks and coaches of unbeatable quality. The first series to be launched was the Super 75 bus. With the help of advanced technology, this bus managed to add a supercharged performance to it. It achieved this feat by incorporating advanced technologies like double-floating motor casings, low-slung tow bars, induction-motor based gearboxes, heavy-duty radiator tanks, etc.

Bharat Benz is proud to introduce its award-winning coach brands such as Oracle, Opel, Nissan, Caterpillar, etc. These companies along with others have successfully merged technological improvements to offer excellent vehicles to their Indian customers. With this experience, Bharat Benz takes pride in serving the global bus and truck market. It also offers its services to the developing countries like Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, India, etc. Moreover, it successfully ventured into USA, Canada, Japan, China, and Indonesia too.

There are numerous models of buses, coaches, vans, and coaches of BharatBenz in India. The most popular ones are buses of eighty-five tonnes, eighty-tonne single axle, double axle, flatbeds, articulated trucks, double cab trucks, etc. The company is also engaged in the manufacturing of forklifts, mobile scooters, and utility tractors. It offers its services to its clients across Europe, America, and Asia.

The company has launched its latest product, the Mercedes Benz C Class, in India. The product has been designed for the people of different countries and it is capable of carrying heavy duty trucks. It has been manufactured to meet the standards of international standards. In India, the company has opened its manufacturing unit in the state of West Bengal. It has also started production at the Alleppey factory, the biggest manufacturing facility of Mercedes-Benz in India. As per the records, Mercedes Benz has already sold more than two hundred and fifty-five trucks in India.

The Mercedes-Benz C Class is a member of the B series and it has been derived from the production line of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Mexico. This truck model is used for commercial purposes, carrying goods, material, and passengers. The company uses the best of Indian and American technologies in manufacturing the trucks. The new models of the Mercedes Benz C Class have introduced the concept of ‘floating floor space’ which has facilitated the easy access and boarding of the passengers and goods.

The best features of this truck in the Indian market are its economic efficiency, smooth ride, attractive looks, high fuel economy, good customer service and secure transportation. The trucks of this company can travel over any terrain without facing any kind of problem. It is available in various price ranges starting from the most affordable to the most luxurious ones. If you want to buy a truck in the Indian market, you must contact a reputed company offering heavy duty pickups. Search the companies online, as there are many websites that offer detailed information about all kinds of trucks including construction trucks.

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