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Facebook Meta Description Tips to Optimize Your Profile

Facebook SEO is an approach to boost the number and quality of visitors to a site via social media channels. It makes use of the same rules that search engines apply to rank a site in search results; namely, knowing how search engines rank and classifying content online. Like most things on Facebook, though, there’s no magic formula to generate more traffic or increase page views – if you want those things to happen, you’re going to have to work at them. You’ll find plenty of information on this topic on various web pages dedicated to Facebook SEO and Internet marketing. However, for beginners, the basic Facebook SEO guidelines are relatively simple and effective.

For those who are interested in implementing Facebook SEO as part of an online marketing effort, one of the first things to know is how to create a Facebook SEO meta description. A Facebook SEO meta description, which is also sometimes known as a fan page description, describes the nature and purpose of the page in a way that allows Facebook users to understand what the page is about. This is important because a potential customer has only a few seconds to read a blog or web page description, so it’s important to give her or him every reason to read your Facebook SEO description, which should include everything necessary to compel someone to click through to your site. You can also use the power of Facebook comments to boost the number of people who will read your meta description – provided, of course, that they’re able to read your comments, which are a whole other ball game.

If you’re interested in making the most of your Facebook SEO efforts, the best way to optimize your profile is to optimize each individual element of the page name, such as the page name itself, the “Vanity URL,” the Alt image link, and even the navigation bars. For example, if your Facebook profile page name is “MySpaceLand,” you should optimize your Facebook SEO efforts by using the Alt image link on each of your profile pages. You can also use the “Vanity URL” on the Alt image for each page name for the same purpose.

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