If you can watch media content like web series, music videos, movies, sports and TV serials in offline mode, then thanks to the torrenting world for making it possible.

Not one or two, there are a lot of torrenting sites available that you can use for streaming and downloading media content. Among them, ‘ExtraTorrent’ is one of the most popular and massive torrent websites in the torrent ecosystem, which many torrent enthusiasts prefer using.

Brief About ExtraTorrent Website

For those who don’t know, Extratorrent is a torrent search engine that you can use to find and download all the latest TV shows, movies, software, games, and all other types of media content files.

More specifically, ExtraTorrent is a platform that helps most users meet their entertainment needs of viewing and downloading by providing them high-quality torrent files of all kinds of digital content.

However, not only can you use it to download, it also provides the facility to upload various torrents on the platform.

Apart from this, there are many reasons for its popularity such as its advanced features and accessibility of the P2P file-sharing system. 

In addition, it has a huge collection of magnet links from a vast array of content categories, and has an advanced search engine functionality that lets everyone search for almost any online file.

What Happened to ExtraTorrent? Why Is It Blocked?

Despite the fact that Extratorrent is easy to operate, mostly offers verified torrents and has advanced features— it unfortunately went down in different countries due to some copyright issues.

Yes! That’s right.

‘ExtraTorrent’ along with many other popular sites were permanently blocked in 2017 due to copyright infringement. This means, if you want to access the ExtraTorrent site now, you will see that the status of the site is down or there is no connection because some ISPs may give you very limited or no access to the available content of the blocked ExtraTorrent sites.

Where ExtraTorrent Is Blocked or Restricted for Usage?

In regard to the ExtraTorrent restriction, let us tell you that the usage of the ExtraTorrent is not considered legal in the following listed countries:

United Kingdom 
United States of America 
Russian Federation 

Possible 6 Methods to Unblock ExtraTorrent

Although, it is true that ExtraTorrent is no longer available for access and it can be very disheartening to hear because once a site is blocked, regaining access to the same is not possible.

But, that’s not true! So, if this makes you wonder—“Can you unblock the blocked ExtraTorrent site?” The answer to this is …Yes!

Despite the fact that ExtraTorrent is blocked, you can unblock it and access it easily.

Thus, we have come up with this blog to make you aware of 6 possible ways to unblock ExtraTorrent.

So, let’s get started without any ado—

Method 1: Use Proxy and Mirror Sites to Unblock ExtraTorrent 

When a torrent website gets blocked, the new domains or proxy and mirror site of the same start getting introduced to bypass the geo-restriction. 

Proxies and Mirror Sites are the clones of the original site that have been hosted in countries where the same is not blocked yet. Their role is to act as an intermediary between your device and the original torrent site (that gets blocked in some locations). 

Similarly, there’re a couple of Extra Torrent proxies and mirror sites available on the net that are considered most effective in unblocking the ExtraTorrent websites. 

The List of Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites Working in 2022

[Note: We update this list of ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites regularly. Hence, you must check it on time to stay updated about their working or not working status.]

No. of ExtraTorrent Proxies Name of ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror WebsitesExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror Website URLsSpeedWorking Status
ExtraTorrent Proxy 1Siteget.nethttps://siteget.net/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZWdldC5uZXQ=&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 2Freeproxy.iohttps://freeproxy.io/proxify.php?proxy=ZnJlZXByb3h5Lmlv&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 3Filesdownloader.comhttps://filesdownloader.com/proxify.php?proxy=ZmlsZXNkb3dubG9hZGVyLmNvbQ==&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 4Sitenable.tophttps://sitenable.top/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLnRvcA==&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 5Sitenable.cohttps://sitenable.co/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmNv&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 6Sitenable.pwhttps://sitenable.pw/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLnB3&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 7Sitenable.infohttps://sitenable.info/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmluZm8=&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 8FreeanimesWorking.comhttps://freeanimesonline.com/proxify.php?proxy=ZnJlZWFuaW1lc29ubGluZS5jb20=&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 9Sitenable.chhttps://sitenable.ch/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmNo&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 10Xtra.unblocked.lolhttps://xtra.unblocked.lol/Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 11Extratorrent.aghttps://extratorrent.ag/Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 12Extratorrents.unblockall.orghttps://extratorrents.unblockall.org/Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 13Extratorrent.bypassed.wshttps://extratorrent.bypassed.ws/Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 14Extratorrent.coolhttps://extratorrent.cool/Very FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 15Extra.cdhttps://extra.cd/FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 16Unblocktorrent.com/extratorrent-proxy-unblockhttps://unblocktorrent.com/extratorrent-proxy-unblock/FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 17Extra.tohttps://sitenable.ch/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmNo&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw==FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 18Extratorrent.bypassed.inhttps://extratorrent.bypassed.in/FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 19Sitenable.asiahttps://sitenable.asia/FastWorking
ExtraTorrent Proxy 20Extratorrent.workshttp://extratorrent.works/FastWorking

When you use any of these proxy and mirror sites to access the original domain of the ExtraTorrent site from where it is blocked, you will get success in doing so. The reason for this is that, these sites camouflage your identity by hiding your real IP address so that you can easily access the blocked extratorrent site.

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Now that you know how mirror and proxy sites of ExtraTorrent help you unblock it, let’s have a how you can use them to do so—

  • Step 1: Begin by launching the web browser of your choice on your respective device.
  • Step 2: Then, copy-paste any of the above-listed URL of ExtraTorrent proxy/mirror site in your browser’s URL address bar. 
  • Step 3: After that hit the “Enter” button. In doing so, you’ll be redirected onto the homepage of ExtraTorrent proxy that you’ve selected from the above list.
  • Step 4: Once there, you need to place the cursor in the “ExtraTorrent search box” and search for your favorite content that you can find in these categories—
    • Anime Series
    • E-Books 
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Sports
    • TV Shows
    • Technology 
    • Web Series & etc.
  • Step 5: As you do so, a list of recommended options will appear in front of you. From that search result, you need to select your most favorite content whose torrent file you want to download and save into your device.
  • Step 6:  Once selected, simply click on the content of your choice. In doing so, your request will be routed through the Extratorrent proxy servers and take you to a summary page where you can read the following information about the content you have selected—
    • Users’ Comments 
    • IMDB ratings &
    • Various downloadable files, etc.
  • Step 7: On the summary page (after you’re done reading) you need to look for the most suitable downloadable file and click on it to get the “magnet download” link of the content you have selected for download.
  • Step 8: Now when you get the magnetic link, just click on it. This action of yours will further open a pop-up box containing these two options—
    • Open BitTorrent
    • Cancel
  • Step 9: Of these two, you must click on the “Open BitTorrent” option and this will take you to the “BitTorrent site.”
  • Step 10: On the BitTorrent site, all you need to do is click on the “OK” button to start the download process to save your selected content on your respective device.

Method 2: Use a Reliable VPN Software to Safely Unblock & Access ExtraTorrent 

The above list of ExtraTorrent proxies will help you easily get through the cloning process (which creates a copy of the original) on the homepage of the original ExtraTorrent. But, because these sites are not completely safe to use and can often be traced; It is suggested to use a VPN to securely unblock ExtraTorrent sites.

In this regard, let us tell you that VPN is considered to be the most secure technology that you can use for torrenting, especially for unblocking restricted or banned websites. 

If reading this, makes you wonder how then, understand it this way—

VPN is a technology introduced to add “Privacy and security” to Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. 

This means, with the use of a VPN, you can keep your online activities private as VPNs encrypt your IP address. Not only this, you can also spoof your location and use a VPN server from another country where the ExtraTorrent website was not banned.

So, considering these benefits of VPN, here’s how you can use it to unblock ExtraTorrent—

  • Step 1: To unblock Extratorrent website using a VPN, start by downloading any reliable VPN from the list of 7 best VPNs given below—

[Note: The VPNs we have listed here are considered the best options to give you complete anonymity protection.]

VPN NameTotal Number of ServersAvailable Servers in Countries
Express VPN3,000+94 countries
NordVPN5,200+59 countries
Surf shark VPN3,200+65 countries
ZenMateVPN3404+79+ countries
Pure VPN1,300+50 countries
IPVanish VPN1,600+51 countries
Private VPN3292+46+ countries
  • Step 2: After the process of downloading any of the above-mentioned VPN of your choice is over, proceed to install it on your respective device with the help of on-screen instructions.
  • Step 3: Once installed, “launch the VPN” on your device to sign-up for the same.
  • Step 4: When you are done with the sign up process, enable its “kill or network lock switch.” 
  • Step 5: Following this, you need to click on the “Connect” button and as soon as you do so, you will be able to connect to a VPN server in a P2P friendly country (such as Switzerland and the Netherlands).
  • Step 6: Now, you just have to wait till the connection is established and once it is done, you can use ExtraTorrent proxy mirror sites to access all your favorite media torrent files available on ExtraTorrent website, that too without any hassles and worries.

Method 3: Use a TOR Browser Service to Unblock ExtraTorrent 

Not just VPN, there is also another secure way to unblock ExtraTorrent and that is the TOR browser. Wonder what’s that?

It is the browser which is completely different from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other standard web browsers because similar to the above proxy mirror sites and VPN software which helps to hide the real IP address, TOR browser also does the same.

Also what is more unique about it is that it hides behind 3 or 4 multiple Tor IP addresses and thus, makes it difficult for ISPs to track your online activity.

So, in order to unblock ExtraTorrent using this TOR browser, consider downloading it via following these steps—

  • Step 1: In order to unblock ExtraTorrent using this method, first launch your preferred web browser on your device.
  • Step 2: Then, in the “URL Address bar” of your browser, you need to paste this link “https://www.torproject.org/download/” and hit the “Enter” button.
  • Step 3: In doing so, you’ll reach onto the “Torproject.org site.” There, you’ve to locate the download link and click on the same for simply downloading the TOR browser into your respective device.
  • Step 4: Once the TOR browser download process is over, click on the downloaded “TOR browser bundle file” to begin its installation process.
  • Step 5: For installation of TOR browser, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and let TOR browser be properly installed on your device.
  • Step 6: Now, launch the TOR browser, enter the “ExtraTorrent Site URL” in its “Search bar” and press the “Enter” button to unblock the ExtraTorrent site for your full access.

Method 4: Change Your DNS Servers to Unblock ExtraTorrent 

Next, it is to mention that Extratorrent is not unreachable due to ISP blockade, but sometimes it is also because your ‘local DNS’ may be blocking you from accessing the Extratorrent site.

So, keeping this in mind, you can try to bypass the ExtraTorrent restriction by replacing your old DNS address with a ‘public DNS address’ and, here’s how you can do so—

  • Step 1: First, click on the “Start Button” on your desktop to expand the menu.
  • Step 2: Then, click on the “Control Panel” option from the menu that appears.
  • Step 3: This will open the Control Panel window in front of you and inside that you have to click on the option “Network and Internet.”
  • Step 4: Next, you need to click on the “Change adapter settings” option from the left pane menu.
  • Step 5: After doing that, click on the “Network connection” that you are using and further right-click on the same.
  • Step 6: As soon as you perform the right-click action, a contextual menu will appear on the screen and you’ve to select the “Properties” option from it.
  • Step 7: Now, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” under the properties of your network connection.
  • Step 8: In this sequence, you have to right click on your network connection again and click on its “Properties” option.
  • Step 9: From the Properties window that opens, select the option “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter one of the following public DNS servers in front of “Preferred and Alternate DNS Servers” to unblock Extratorrent—
DNS Servers NamePreferred DNS Server  Alternate DNS Server
Google DNS8.8.8.8
Open DNS208.67.222.222
Norton DNS198.153.192.1
DNS resolvers205.210.42.205
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1

Method 5: Use Unblock Website to Unblock ExtraTorrent

The next possible way to unblock ExtraTorrent is to use the “unblocksource.com” website link. This unblocksource.com website will help you access any network easily and securely, regardless of the fact whether it is blocked or not because Unblocksource.com website uses ‘TLS 1.2 Encryption Network.’ 

It is a strong network encryption protocol that makes your internet visiting session completely anonymous and secure. Thus, without a second thought, you can use this website to access ExtraTorrent if it is blocked in your country, location or region.

Method 6: Use Google Cached Page of ExtraTorrent to Unblock It

Last but not least, you can also unblock ExtraTorrent using Google cached pages. It is one of the easiest ways when you want to access text content like eBooks and comics – not only on ExtraTorrent but on other blocked websites as well.

This is because a popular search engine like Google preserves a ‘cached mirror’ of almost all the popular websites present in the digital world.

Now that you know this, let’s see how to use the Google Cached Page of Extratorrent to unblock it—

As stated, right when you search for a particular website (like we are discussing “Extratorrent” in this post) using the Google search engine, you need to look for its cached version. For that;

  • Step 1: You just have to click on the “>> icon” which is located right next to the search result.
  • Step 2: After doing this, a link called “Cached” will be available in front of you and you will have to click on it.
  • Step 3: Now, the command will load the cached version of the website you want to access, for instance “Extratorrent”—in this case. So, in this way you will be able to access the mirrored content of Extra Torrent website, which you will not be able to get by using the original domain.

After knowing all the possible ways to unblock ExtraTorrent, you should also consider looking at its top alternatives.

This is because if you ever find unable to unblock ExtraTorrent websites using any of the above methods, then you can refer to these below-listed alternative torrent websites of ExtraTorrent.

Top-10 ExtraTorrent Alternatives (Working in 2022)

Here are the top 10 Extratorrent alternatives sites at a glance—

1. 1337x

Started in Year2007
Website Linkhttps://1337x.to/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the UK.
Global Site Rank254
Alexa Rank411
Mirror and Proxy Sites1337x.st, x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu, x1337x.se, 1337x.is
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)71Million +

2. Rarbg

Started in Year2008
Website Linkhttps://rarbg.to/index80.php
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Indonesia, Morocco, Portugal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UK
Global Site Rank347
Alexa Rank819
Mirror and Proxy Sitesrarbgprx.org/index70.php,rarbgunblock.com/index70.php,rarbgmirror.com/index70.php,rarbgaccess.org/index70.php
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)57Million +


Started in Year2015 
Website Linkhttps://eztv.io/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, Ireland, and the UK
Global Site Rank897
Alexa Rank2698
Mirror and Proxy Siteseztv.unblocked.krd,eztv.unblockall.org,eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.tf,eztv.yt
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)28Million +

4. The Pirate Bay

Started in Year2003
Website Linkhttps://thepirate-bay.org/1/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, Argentina, Austria,  Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Ireland,  Kuwait, Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Sweden Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and United Arab Emirates.
Global Site Rank209
Alexa Rank301
Mirror and Proxy Sitespirateproxy.id,proxybay.xyz,thepiratebay10.org
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)24 Million+

5. Torrentz2

Started in Year2016
Website Linkhttps://torrentz2.is/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Torrentz2 is not blocked in any countries yet.
Global Site Rank752
Alexa Rank15728
Mirror and Proxy Siteshttps://torrentz2eu.in/https://torrentz2.is/https://torrentz.pl/https://torrentzeu.org/
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)20.5Million+

6. Limetorrents

Started in Year2009
Website Linkhttps://www.limetorrents.info/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, France, and the UK.
Global Site Rank1341
Alexa Rank2648
Mirror and Proxy Siteslimetorrents.asia,limetorrents.zone,limetorrents.co,limetor.com
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)17Million +

7. MagnetDL

Started in Year2009
Website Linkhttps://www.magnetdl.com/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Germany, Japan, Finland, UK and others.
Global Site Rank3588
Alexa Rank5117
Mirror and Proxy Sitesmagnetdl.proxybit.surf/magnetdl.mrunlock.kim/magnetdl.nocensor.best/magnetdl.prox4you.fun/
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)9.5Million+

8. Zooqle

Started in Year2013 
Website Linkhttps://zooqle.com/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Zooqle is not blocked in any countries yet
Global Site Rank2079
Alexa Rank6400
Mirror and Proxy Sites.unblocked.krd,zooqle.unblocked.krd
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)7.5Million+

9. YTS

Started in Year2010
Website Linkhttps://yts.mx/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, UK, and the US, among others as well.
Global Site Rank182
Alexa Rank328
Mirror and Proxy Sitesyts.amyts.pmyts.gs
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)7Million +

10. KickAssTorrents 

Started in Year2008
Website Linkhttps://kickasstorrents.to/
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, India, US, and the UK.
Global Site Rank2386
Alexa Rank2828
Mirror and Proxy Siteskatcr.co, kat.sx/, kat.am, kickasstorrent.cr
Active users on  Torrent Website (in Million)6.5Million+

These Top-10 alternatives to Extra Torrent are easily available on the web. However, if not, you can use VPN technology and their mentioned proxies to open them up for torrenting!


That’s it! After reading this guide, hopefully you will have enough understanding of how to unblock ExtraTorrent websites using its mirror sites or proxy websites and 5 other methods. Along with that, we have also mentioned top-10 ExtraTorrent alternative sites, which can act as a useful source if you find yourself unable to unblock ExtraTorrents!


This content is written for the purpose of meeting the entertainment and information needs of our readers. We truly understand that torrenting is illegal and thus, we are strongly against downloading plagiarism or copyright-protected media content from ExtraTorrent and its listed proxy sites.