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We all feel tired sometimes. Often we can also identify the reason for that fatigue. We relax and the fatigue goes away. But for some people, fatigue becomes a serious problem. We are unable to do anything else due to staying tired for a long time or being very tired. Tiredness does not allow us to enjoy life.

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This type of fatigue is a common problem, one out of every 5 people feels very tired, and 1 in 10 people feel tired for a long time. This complaint is found in women more than men. Tiredness can occur at any age, but is more visible in childhood and old age.

To know the reason of tiredness, consider these things:

  1.  The things that are tilting your life to exhaustion
  2.  How did fatigue start
  3.  What things are maintaining fatigue

The causes of fatigue can be physical or mental.


cause :

Obesity: If your weight is too much, then the body has to do more labor even for daily work.

Losing weight: If your weight is too low, it may be that your muscles are low in strength and that you, without being tired, are unable to do daily work.

Serious illnesses, such as gladiolar fever or any painful disease, can cause tiredness.

Treatment: Many remedies also cause tiredness: –

  • Abdominal or chest surgery
  • Some medicines like blockers, some analgesics,
  • Cancer treatment such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy

If you are tired, you will always do less work. By reducing work, your body becomes unhealthy. Just one week of bed rest reduces the performance of your muscles by 10%.

Both pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause fatigue.

Complete sleep can make you tired and your concentration may also be affected.

Mental reasons

  • Anxiety and stress can cause fatigue, especially if you don’t see a solution to the problems.
  • Depression (apathy) can cause fatigue. If you wake up early in the morning from depression, you will feel more tired.
  • Everyday problems: We all know that stress and fatigue can occur during times of difficulty, but pleasant events such as getting married, changing homes, can also lead to exhaustion. Hard decisions, especially those with no answers, can cause fatigue.
  • Mental shock such as death of someone, tension in relationships, etc. causes fatigue.
  • Expecting too much from ourselves: We all establish some evidence for ourselves and aim to get them. This gives direction to our life. If we expect too much from ourselves then we ourselves become due to our own failures.

daily habits: 

  • Sleep: If you sleep during the day, you may have trouble getting sleep at night.
  • If sleeping becomes a habit, then it also leads to fatigue.
  • If you work too much on one day, then the next day you will be even more tired.

Functioning and Family Life:

  • Continuous problems : There are some things in life that we cannot change even if we want to. When we feel unable to control our lives, we feel frustrated and tired.
  • Taking care of young children : If your child does not sleep overnight then you will not be able to sleep. In such a situation it becomes very difficult to do daily work too.
  • Night at work : Someone working in the night shift tire more easily. A person whose work time changes frequently, he suffers this much.
  • Work stress.

Daily Drinks:

  • If we drink six cups of coffee or ten cups of tea a day, it can have a bad effect on our sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability and fatigue.
  • Drinking alcohol in the evening can keep you awake at midnight. If you drink alcohol regularly, it can cause you to feel depressed and can also affect your sleep.

If many problems come together, it can lead to fatigue. To give an example, as if you are stressed due to some reason, you are not able to sleep properly, and in such a situation you get a flu. You will feel as if you cannot recover without resting. Resting soon makes you healthy. You can hardly do daily tasks too. The more anxious and frustrated you become, the more your sleep is affected. You fall into this cycle of fatigue and anxiety.

What to do if you are tired?

 For a good sleep:

  • Sleep and wake up every day at regular times, no matter how you feel.
  • Sleeping room temperature should be comfortable – not too hot, nor too cold.
  • Do not eat too much late at night. Eat fast if you can have evening meal.
  • Slow sleep during the day.
  • If you do not sleep, do not worry about lying on the bed. Get up and do some peaceful work. When sleepy, then go and sleep.
  • Light music for relaxation (reading), reading books, bathing with hot water helps.
  • If you are worried about anything, write it on paper and decide to deal with it the next day.

If nothing works, contact your doctor.


Many times people do not start exercising due to fatigue, but regular exercise reduces fatigue and increases work power.

Start by exercising for a short time. Gradually, you can increase the time of exercise. Aim for half an hour of exercise every day (even if only in small installments)

Walking is the easiest exercise, but enjoy what you do, such as swimming, cycling.

When you are able to do half an hour, increase the intensity of the exercise, due to which your breath starts to swell.

If you feel more tired then do not stop exercising, reduce it.

Reduce caffeine intake:

Tea knows that there is a lot of caffeine. Other things such as cola, some analgesics, and strength-enhancing drugs also contain caffeine. Slowly reduce caffeine intake and stop within three weeks.

Stay away from caffeine for a month and see if you are getting any benefit. Turning off caffeine can cause headaches. If this is the case, gradually reduce the amount of caffeine.

If you eat chocolate everyday, then stop that too. Chocolate contains stimulants.

Solve your weight problem:

If you are overweight, you will feel better by slowly losing weight. Do not diet with absolutely no weight loss (crush). This can increase fatigue. Apart from diet, exercise is the best way to lose weight.

If you are very thin, you will not be strong until your weight is normal. Once your weight is corrected, the strength of your muscles will increase.

Organize your day / week in such a way that you can do a little work every day.

Keep goals like being fulfilled in reality. If you have been feeling tired for a long time, do not expect to be fully recovered in a day. Remember – progress, no matter how small, is a good thing.

Learn from your fatigue – are you not expecting too much from yourself? Is the right combination of work and rest in your life? Should you rethink your life goals?


Doesn’t work

We all want a miracle to happen and our fatigue goes away. But there is no such miracle. There are many prescriptions in the market that claim to eliminate fatigue. There is no scientific evidence of any of these working, whether it is vitamins, mineral pills, stimulants or special diets.

If it does not feel right then…

There must be some reason. You may have a disease that has not been diagnosed, such as anemia, thyroid problems, sleep apnea (shortness of breath in sleep), restless legs (restlessness in the feet), anxiety (depression) or apathy. . You should consult your doctor.

ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Some people are very tired for a long time. This is called ME or chronic syndrome. Posters now believe that it is a disease but there is not much information about its causes.

We know that some bacterial (virus) diseases can lead to the onset of ME or chronic phytic syndrome. We also know that this virus is not found in the body of some ME or patients with chronic fat syndrome. There may be something other than the virus that maintains the chronic phytic syndrome. We call these the Mentenig factor. This prevents you from recovering quickly.

There can be many types of Mentenig factors, such as sleep problems, anxiety (dushinta) or apathy. Trying to recover also sometimes causes problems. To give an example, if you take more rest then you become weak. Then if you try to do something, you get even more tired.

In order to treat ME or chronic fat syndrome, it is important to identify which factors are maintaining it. Treating these factors provides comfort to many patients. Often these are the same factors that we have mentioned in the exhaustion factors above.

There is now treatment for ME or chronic fat syndrome. It is necessary that it is suited to the needs of the person.

  • Slow-growing exercises under the supervision of a professional.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) In this, you increase your ability to cope with the disease by identifying and changing your thoughts which do not help you.

If you want this treatment, you will need to consult a specialist or rehabilitation therapist. But most of the patients will get a lot of relief from the measures mentioned in this booklet.