Your bed provides comfort. It is one of the best pieces of furniture in your home; you need it as much as you need shelter over your head. For when you are back from the hustle, bustle, and stress of the day, your bed is a place of comfort to rest your head and temporarily forget life’s troubles.

However, it would help if you had more than a bed to enjoy maximum comfort at night. It would be best if you had some extra: a cooling mattress protector and a mattress pad.

The Addenda Your Bed Needs

Cooling Mattress Protector

As the name implies, a cooling mattress protector protects your mattress (bed). It shields your mattress from stains like blood, urine, feces (especially for nursing mothers and bedridden patients), mites, and bugs. This benefit enhances the quality of your bed, increasing its longevity.

An Extra

A cooling mattress protector has a cooling effect. It means that apart from the protector serving as a shield against unwanted elements, it relaxes your body, making you have a sweet, sound, undisturbed sleep throughout the night. Isn’t that lovely?

Features that make this protector stand out

1. Organic, cool, and long-lasting: Manufacturers use natural Tencel fibers to make this cooling mattress protector. They are smooth, silky to the touch, and very strong. They are also environment-friendly; there is no worry about environmental pollution.

2. Great for sensitive skin: You don’t have to worry about skin irritation or allergy. Tencel fibers used in the production of the cooling mattress protector cause the fabric soft and velvety to the touch and skin. They are one hundred percent natural and hypoallergenic.

3. Babies and children less than three years of age can use these cooling mattress protectors: Do you have a baby and worry about any health effects if you use the cooling mattress protector? You don’t have to be afraid. This protector is safe for your child.

4. Waterproof and breathable: No overheating during the night. If you sleep hot at night, then this cooling mattress protector is what you need. You’ll keep cool throughout the night and sleep soundly. Isn’t that what you want?

5. Warranty and risk trial assured: You don’t have to worry about making the purchase. You’ll love it. And just in case you don’t (which I doubt), you have a fifty-day free trial within which you can return it. So, you can put your mind at rest.

One More Thing You Need

A mattress pad is it. Do you feel uncomfortable on your bed when you sleep, probably because it’s too soft or not as firm as you want? Do you want additional support for your mattress? Or do you want to increase the comfort your bed gives? Then, a mattress pad is what you’ll need.

Also, a mattress pad can shield your bed from stains, allergic substances, and mites if you don’t have a protector. It’s a small piece of fabric fitted on your bed for more support and comfort.


Now that you know what a cooling mattress protector and mattress pad will do for you, I bet you’ll get these items as soon as you can.