Any confidential information that can be sold or put under licensing comes under intellectual property rights and are terms as trade secrets. The people belonging to the corporate world know how important trade secrets are and how much security is needed to make sure the safety of such confidential information. Companies go beyond ways to handle such matters as any bad news related to trade secrets can affect the reputation of any company or organization. It has commercial value thus it must be kept secret. It is mostly known to a limited number of people and necessary steps must be taken to assure its secrecy in the market. Any form of financial, technical, economic or business information can be a trade secret according to American law if it fits in the pre-required definition. 

  • In the list of the intellectual property list, 51.7% of American companies put the trade secret as the most important according to 2018 statistics. 

There are certain rules and protocols that must be followed by the companies and are strictly applied to assure security. On an individual employee basis, personal security and employee monitoring can be used to track any loopholes. There are free and paid apps, then there are the best android spy apps and computer monitoring software that offer excellent monitoring features. Some of the apps that can be used to keep a check on the employee’s activities are as follows. 

1) TheOneSpy


TheOneSpy comes at number one in the list of best android spy app because of so many reasons. First, the stealth mode can keep the employee monitoring thing a secret from the employees. In that way, you can easily track any corporate spy or criminal working inside the organisation. Secondly, the economical bundle deals with multiple options and its user-friendly interface make it one of the supreme choices for any type of business. One can keep an eye on the e-correspondence of the business which is the main channel to communicate in the digital business world. The keystroke logging and password cracker feature make it easy for employers to crack any password or track any black sheep or suspicious activities. A long and trustworthy list of social media monitoring and instant messenger chat apps is another way to keep a check on the media shared through the employee’s device. The camera bug and mic bug feature save the record of any confidential information shared through personal meetings or verbal communication. All the information is saved on the secure online portal of the TheOneSpy app. 

The above-mentioned best android spy apps are just some of the examples. You can do your research or choose one of the apps from our best android spy apps list to enjoy the monitoring features. Make sure the app should only installed on the company-owned devices of the employees. It is not legal to use the personal devices of the employees for monitoring work-related matters. Apps like TheOneSpy own the right to fully cooperate with the law implementation authorities to ensure tracking of any illegal use of the spy app.    

2) OgyMogy


OgyMogy is another app that offers employee monitoring features to its users. You can use it for yourself or can install the app on the employee’s gadget. All you need to do is make sure you choose the company-owned device only. Some of the features offered by the app include a screen recording feature, chat monitoring, text and call log monitoring and more. Any possible way to share confidential information with outsiders can be secured by using one of the best android spy apps. 

3) Securekin 


Securekin is an app that can be used for personal monitoring and handling of data. You can install the app on your own device and can assure the safety of the gadget and the data. Some of the features include tracking of the gadget on the map in case of stealing or theft. You can remotely control the camera of the device and can use it to take photos of potential criminals or thieves. You can even remotely wipe all your data and save confidential information sharing to outsiders in case of emergency.