Alright, so let’s say you’re not particularly basketball player material, but you’re not about to go through the awful and traumatizing surgery to gain a few centimeters in height, however you still yearn for that extra boost in your height. You’d be pleased to know that there is hope, and it’s called “elevator shoes”. 

What are elevator shoes, you ask? They are these nifty little inventions with lifted insoles that give you a small height boost without making it obvious for the objective onlooker as the heel itself is standard size. The insoles are manufactured inside of the shoe itself, you can pick the height you wish, however there isn’t a wide variety of ready made shoes to choose from, but worry not! You can get universal booster insoles that you can fit inside any shoe you wish that aren’t at all expensive.

The benefits of these shoes are that they give you a visible boost of up to ten centimeters in a very subtle way. The secret is the soft insole that is fitted inside elevator shoes and made in a way that the visible sides of the shoe are completely standard and normal looking. This allows you to wear them with any type of pants you see fit, you don’t need to limit yourself to a particular type of pant leg or cut in order for them to work. They have a variety of models and colours that will fit any occasion that you need them for.

Another very big benefit of the elevator shoes is the non-invasive solution to leg asymmetry. People who are born with such a condition can use these shoes to discreetly solve this issue and feel completely comfortable and confident while doing so! Most elevator shoe manufacturers like would most certainly welcome any custom orders concerning such a condition and will take your orthopedist’s prescription into account when making them.

Oddly enough studies show a relief from flatfoot when wearing elevator shoes. According to research the elevated insole provides less stretching of the front part of the sole, which usually causes pain and discomfort, however the lifted insoles provide relief by creating a crease and relieving the pain.

Aside from the physical benefits, it’s important to mention the invisible ones as well — yep, we mean your confidence. That’s right, a few centimeters don’t seem a lot but they would do wonders for your confidence in the long run — you’ll seem taller, more stylish and also have an improved posture due to walking with the elevated insole! In case you’re wondering — the larger portion of guidomaggi elevator shoe users are male and they all report experiencing these positive benefits for themselves.

They’re practical, stylish, and functional. They’re also easy on your wallet and good for you in the long run, so if you’re still wondering whether or not to give it a try — wonder no more and see for yourself!