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Eicher Trucks – Offering Excellent Customer Service and Advanced Fuel Management

Eicher Trucks Incorporated is a leading international light to mid-size commercial truck manufacturing company, that was established in India in 1986. A decade later, it had become a prominent player in the freight forwarding industry by offering special truck models tailored to meet the diverse requirements of customers across the globe. By building on its expertise in the production of specialized vehicles, Eicher has emerged as a name that expresses flexibility and reliability in the freight forwarding industry. Eicher’s truck models cater to the needs and requirements of a wide range of customers from varied industries and include general cargo carriers, refrigerated transporters, freight shipping companies, freight brokers and manufacturers of refrigerated and electronic goods.

The company offers a complete line of motor coaches ranging from economy coaches to specialty passenger coaches, medium and large vans, flatbed trucks, double cab vans, utility trucks, transit and delivery vehicles, garbage trucks, delivery buses, low-boys, double Decker trucks, articulated either trucks, flatbed trucks, and many other categories of trucks. The company’s list of offerings also covers a wide range of fleet vehicles such as buses, coaches, cargo vans, garbage trucks, hospital and healthcare vehicles, limousines, golf carts, delivery trucks, limo buses, minibuses, minibus taxis, sports utility vehicles, delivery trucks, and utility coaches. Apart from offering a complete line of commercial vehicles, Eicher Trucks also provides a complete fleet management solution to its customers. This includes fuel, fleet maintenance, service and repair services and financial services. The company also makes use of the latest innovations in the field of technology to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fulfilled by making the operations more efficient.

Eicher trucks offer a comprehensive range of bus and coach service for all types of professional businesses including transit and logistics, catering, manufacturing, mining, automotive, non-profit organizations and engineering. The company’s buses are equipped with the latest amenities and security features to meet the requirements of these clients. Bus services offered by Eicher are both luxury coach buses and low-boy buses, catering buses, flatbeds, cargo vans, passenger buses, and wheelchair buses. There is also a comprehensive range of buses for the construction industry and the distribution industry. The eicher trucks’ entire fleet is expandable so that customers can always get the bus of their choice, in the size they require, at the price they want.

Eicher trucks offer the best of customer satisfaction. The company ensures excellent customer care by addressing each and every concern raised by its customers through its website and by regular contact. This helps the customer make a better decision regarding the bus he needs. The bus fleet is valued due to its fuel efficiency, superior security features, safety and punctuality. The buses offered by the company to meet all State and municipal regulations for smooth transportation of goods and passengers.

Eicher trucks provide a wide range of vehicles suitable for both long distance and short haul movements. The company’s range of commercial vehicles includes double cab trailers, small and medium vans as well as big rigs. The most popular of its products are the end, etc, er, eo and pro series. All these are built to meet different business requirements and for different purposes.

The Eicher group of companies offers its clients a complete range of buses, coaches and other heavy vehicles like utility trucks, construction trucks, transit buses, passenger buses, mini buses and special purpose trucks. The buses and coaches are manufactured in joint ventures with many other manufacturers and sold at reasonable prices. The company ensures superior quality and timely delivery of the vehicles. They also conduct regular checks on the buses and provide regular service including engine tuning, regular servicing, tire rotation and oil change. The bus fleet ensures clean transport of goods and passengers at all times.

The eBuses, eo and pro series are equipped with facilities like wheelchair lift, interior air conditioning, carpeted flooring, DVD player, radio, TV, computer network, telephone, internet and CD player. All these services along with advanced engine and transmission system make the Eicher trucks an ideal choice for any type of transport. Apart from offering commercial vehicle transportation, Eicher has signed tie-ups with a few other companies for the supply of buses and other similar goods.

The company offers a full range of solutions that include fuel management, telematics tracking, vehicle telematics, vehicle tracking, advanced telematics tracking, collision avoidance systems, vehicle lights and alarms, vehicle immobilizers, electronic stability control and vehicle safety systems. Apart from these services, Eicher trucks are also used for non-commercial purposes such as carrying freight from one place to another. These include tanker, logistic, construction equipment and military purposes. For all its advantages, Eicher trucks are priced reasonably and come with great quality. For more information on pricing of Eicher trucks and related products, contact any of the leading dealers across the United Kingdom.

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