Egg beaters are an essential tool in the kitchen. They have many uses including cracking shellfish, beating egg whites, beating egg proteins and for beating egg whites to remove the yolk from the egg. Egg beaters are available in various styles to suit different cooking requirements. The most important thing to remember when buying a beater is that it should fit the beaters. If you buy a beater that does not fit your beaters then it will damage them. To avoid this problem always buy beaters that are fitted.

Egg beaters are used for many cooking processes. They can be used for beating eggs whites to get rid of the whites and for making meringue. Other uses include beating egg whites to make whipped cream. There are several types of egg beaters available. These are:

Electric mixers: This is a manually operated egg beater which has two speed settings. These beaters have paddles that hit the ingredients at different speeds. This makes it easier to mix large batches of ingredients.

Manual egg beaters: This beaters are commonly found in restaurants and homes. It has a metal pole that rotates at 360 degrees and can be adjusted for speed and force. Many people find this is the best egg beater. It is more expensive than the electric egg beater

Whipped cream beaters: Whipped cream beaters are a must have for whipping cream. It is the preferred choice for beating egg whites and it also produces very soft and fluffy whipped cream. In order to use it, you must have a standing mixer. The beaters get the whipping action only from the whisk attachment on the bottom of the eggs.

Strainer: A strainer is a necessity for many recipes. It is used to separate the egg whites from the yolks in egg beater. The strainers are manual or electric and come in a variety of designs.

Hand Cranked: A hand crank is an egg beater with a little handle on the side. It has no motor and it is difficult to tell if it is running. Hand cranked beaters give the best whip and are the closest to the homemade style of beaters. The downside to hand cranked beaters is they take a long time to whip. You can buy replacement whisk heads to go with your hand crank. Some people like to replace the hand crank with a hand whisk.

Whipped Cream: Whipped cream is the ultimate in home beaters. It is usually a more elaborate and expensive recipe. Most beaters have removable bowls that you can fill with cold water. Simply pour your batter into the bowl, turn on the whip, and let the cream whip away till your recipe calls for it.

Xanthan Gum: This powdery substance is sometimes called “gumbo seasoning”. It is usually added to egg whites before beating. Xanthan gum acts as a stabilizer for the egg whites. It also thickens the egg whites, which improves the texture and elasticity.

Guar gum: This powdered product is similar to powdered sugar. It aids in the whipping process and prevents the whites from breaking when beaten. This thickener also thicken the egg whites and makes them light and fluffy. This may not be the best choice of an egg beater but it can certainly be used in combination with egg whites.

Electric Mixers: This is perhaps the quickest and easiest method for whipping egg whites. It does not require any mixing at all and whipping takes only a few minutes. Egg beaters with electric mixers are especially useful for whipping large quantities of egg whites. However, an electric mixer may not be the best choice for beginners because they are quite clumsy and hard to control.

Whirlpool beaters: These are another popular choice for egg beaters. They come in a wide range of models and sizes and come with a variety of features. They usually have attachments for different thicknesses of egg whites and can even whisk egg yolks as well. The yolk attachment is particularly useful for beatering. These beaters usually come with an included whisk and are very easy to use. Many of the newer models have the option to add lemon or lime juice to the yolk as well.