Your current medicines online or offline stores don’t take back sold medicines? No worries! Because we have a great solution app for you!

Truemeds is India’s home delivery medicine app made for the convenience of customers. It sells cost-effective and great quality medicines. The home delivery medicine app guarantees discounts on its medicines by up to 72%. 

The motto of Truemeds is to provide a reliable healthcare environment to everyone. It does that by offering:

  • Convenience to every citizen of India. It is simple to use. The home delivery medicine app can be used by anyone, including the elderly, less educated people, and disabled persons.
  • The app is great for saving time for people with busy work schedules.
  • It sells only CDSCO approved medicines and with a valid prescription.
  • It supplies medicines from the top 30 Indian makers.
  • The medicines online app delivers the order quickly and safely to its customers.
  • It provides reliable and competent customer service. Thus, returns and refunds are easy with Truemeds.

The home delivery medicine app is made for supplying great quality medicines online to its customers. With Truemeds, there are no issues of expiration, adulteration, and dilution. This is ensured by The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). 

Truemeds supplies medicines online to the customers only when they are thoroughly tested and approved by CDSCO, the government body for drugs control.

Even if the home delivery medicine app doesn’t supply bad-conditioned medicines, in case of an issue, Truemeds takes full responsibility and resolves the situation as soon as possible!

The government’s licensed app is even great for handling customers’ issues. This is because of the customer service provided by Truemeds.

Reliable customer service is always available for the customers and is made for their convenience. Customer support understands the urgency and emotions of the customers during any mistake. Thus, supports them by resolving their issues asap!

Exchanges, returns, and refunds are easy with Truemeds because of the service’s competency. 

Easy returns of medicines online with Truemeds

  • In case you receive a damaged product, don’t panic! Go to the app and contact the customer service’s number given on the medicines online app.
  • As the executive picks your call, explain the issue in detail with reference number or other major details. Executives of Truemeds are competent enough to handle the situation, so don’t lose hope!
  • The executive will understand the situation and will look for other details of order or delivery. This will not take more than 10 minutes.
  • Then you can explain if you want to exchange or return the order of medicines.
  • If you want to exchange, the executive will assign an exchange of medicines. You will receive exchanged medicines in a few days.
  • And if you want to return, the executive will assign a return of medicines. In this case, the delivery executive will pick up the medicines. And the refunded money will be processed in your account within 48 hours of registering the issue.

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