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Dust Mite Pillow Covers Can Help Relieve Allergies

The latest innovation in allergy mattress protector technology is the dust mite pillow covers, which are made using the same technologies used in allergy mattress covers and dust mite covers. They are washable, reusable and very comfortable. The bed care collection dust mite pillow covers are the newest innovation in bedding allergy protection.

Made with a heavy-duty polyurethane foam, the BedCare dust mite pillow covers are completely dust mite proof. The dust mite pillow covers are also very comfortable, which makes them suitable for many overnight or sitting positions. The new comforter pillow covers are available in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes. They come in colors to match your decor, from jet black, white and natural to classic white and brown. They also have a reversible “quilted” dust cover, so you can choose to use the one color or choose to have a matching set of both, or use a dust cover with a quilt and blanket. The “Quilted” dust cover has a washable, removable, machine-washable cover for washing in the machine and is also removable for when you want to wash the quilt later on.

Unlike conventional mattress cleaners, the bedding dust mite protector, which can be used by dust mite allergy suffers, will not damage or inflame skin cells around the mouth and nose. When you breathe in the dust mite’s dust, you will inhale it into your lungs. This can aggravate your respiratory or sinus problems, resulting in coughs, sneezing, and in some cases, even asthma attacks. You need a special pillow that helps to protect your throat from getting dust mite droppings. It is made from polypropylene, which is very light and absorbs very little dust mite protector dust mite food source.

If you have a cat or dog, then a dust mite mattress cover would be very helpful, since they can jump on your bed as well and eat away at your pillows and blankets. You should also consider a washable pillow cover if you often have pets. Often people think they can wash them, but in fact, they cannot. They can only be washed in a machine on a gentle cycle. Unless you are able to kill dust mite eggs by machine washing, then you will not be able to completely get rid of them.

The essential oils contained in dust mite pillow covers will not harm you, but rather they will increase relaxation and help you sleep better. Essential oils used in the pillow protectors are usually very strong and concentrated. They penetrate deep into the soft tissue. This allows them to work much more quickly than essential oils alone, especially when you are trying to treat allergies.

There is no reason to suffer any discomfort while sleeping with dust mite mattresses other than uncomfortable rubbing and having dust mite droppings on your skin. Mattress pads are very convenient because they can slip under your sheets and stay there until you get back to bed. This keeps your bed free of dust mite droppings. Mattress pads are often washable, making them more convenient than pillows that you have to wash every time you wash them. They are also easy to remove, unlike pillows which can sometimes get stuck in between sheets.

Some people suffer no symptoms from dust mites, while others have severe allergic reactions. There are symptoms to look out for when dust mite allergy is suspected. Runny nose and eyes, watery or itchy eyes, rashes and hives are some of the common symptoms associated with dust mite allergy. If you feel these symptoms coming on, then you may be allergic to dust mites. It is best to contact your doctor right away for a proper diagnosis.

Dust mites will continue to circulate through the air until you wash, clean or dry your bed. A dust mite cover is an inexpensive way to protect your bed from them. An aller Protect Mattress Cover can be used to cover an entire mattress as well as the tops and bottoms. They are designed to keep moisture away from the sleeper, thereby eliminating the need to repeatedly wash sheets. An aller protect cover makes good sense for the serious allergy sufferer.

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