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Some of the important contents which will be discussed in this Article:

  • What is Crowd1?
  • How to register on Crowd1?
  • Ways to Login Crowd1?
  • How to reset the Crowd1 Password?
  • Mobile application of Crowd1
  • Benefits of Crowd1 Company
  • Conclusion

Crowd1 is basically a digital marketing network company that deals with the gaming and entertainment industry all over the globe. The headquarter of Crowd1 company is in Madrid, Spain and is owned by Impact Crowd technology. CEO of Crowd1 is Johan Staël von Holstein, who is a Swedish entrepreneur.

Crowd1 is in partnership with many entertainment and gaming platforms, one of them being Youtube as well. Crowd1 is an amazing platform for the entertainment industry to expand their businesses globally.

As we all know, today the entertainment industry is expanding unbelievably and is in great demand. And Crowd1 is the perfect company for such services.Crowd1 is specialized in crowd marketing to create a massive crowd of members who are eager to take advantage of third-party companies to expand their businesses and earn more profit.

In simple words, it encourages the entertainment companies to invest in them and earn more profits by marketing their product globally with their eye-catching strategies. And as we all are aware that crowd marketing is the long-term strategy to run any business profitably.

Crowd1 was once pre-launched on the 25th of January 2019 and was founded in Sweden in the year 2016, officially it was presented on the 1st of August.

In case you are thinking Crowd1 is an online marketing platform, you must have to sell any of their product in order to get paid, then you’re wrong here.

Must be wondering how to get started with Crowd1, Firstly you have to join Crowd1 with one of the investment levels by which you will be eligible for commissions that Crowd1 provides through their opportunities.

The Levels you can join and the amount of shares Crowd1 gives you are as given below:

  • The first one is the white starter kit and is the cheapest one. It costs 99 Euros and has that are worth 100 Euros.
  • The second one is known as the Black Package, which is of 299 Euros. And has a worth of 300 Euros.
  • The third one is named Gold membership, it costs 799 Euros and has owner rights of 1000 Euros.
  • The last one Platinum or Professional Courses package, this package is also known as the Titanium Package which costs 2499 Euros and has owner rights of 3500 Euros.

How to Make Money In Crowd1?

There are four compensation bonuses through which affiliate members can earn the money. Bonuses are known as Streamline Bonus, Binary Bonus, Matching Bonus, and Fear Loss of Bonus.

Make Money In Crowd1

Streamline Bonus

Streamline Bonus can be earned in euros for a lifetime by each member of Crowd1 and as soon as the person begins to refer, the value of Streamline Bonus increases.

Affiliate members can earn from 2.5 euros to 2,250 euros every week.

Binary Bonus

Like any other networking company, Crowd1 operates on a Binary system. The Bonus that a member earns when he/she has down liners on his/her left and right sides is known as Binary Bonus. Not like other MLM companies, Crowd1 not just operates on 1:1 but also, there are 1:2 and 1:3 binary instant payouts.

Below we have mentioned the Binary points and payouts according to different packages:

  • White = 99 euros 90 points
  • Black = 108 euros 270 points
  • Gold = 288 euros 720 points
  • Titanium =  900 euros 2250 points

Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus is paid at the fifth level through a uni-level structure, which we have tried to explain below:

  • White Starter Kit = 10% matching bonus for white package investors with the recruit of 4 investors.
  • Black Package = 10% matching bonus for levels 1 and 2 with the recruit of 8 investors.
  • Gold Package = 10% matching bonus for levels 1 to 4 with the recruit of 16 investors.
  • Titanium Package = 10% matching bonus for levels 1 to 5 with the recruit of 20 investors.

Affiliate Member Residual Income: Affiliate members not only earn through referrals in Crowd1 but they also get paid the dividend by the company.

Active members are paid this passive income as monthly and quarterly rewards.

Let us move forward and know about the registration process of Crowd1.

How to Register on Crowd1?

As we all know, to be part of Crowd1 first user must need to be registered with it. An important thing to know is that if you want to become a Crowd1 user, you must be introduced to an existing Crowd1 member. Once you have a sponsor or an existing crowd1, you are all good to go for the registration process.

Below are the steps for the registration process:

  • Go to the official website of Crowd1, which is
  • On top of the website page, you will see an option as Register, click on register.
  • After that, you will be taken to the Login page, where you have to fill in the required details and choose the username of your choice.
  • Now, you have to enter the login details of the sponsor who brought you to Crowd1.
  • Fill rest of the asked details such as your name, address, Email address, and so on.
  • After entering the details enter your password.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, read all the terms and conditions carefully.
SignUp In Crowd1

After following all these steps, now you are with the registration process. Furthermore, you will receive an email at your provided Email address for the verification and other details.

Prerequisites to Fulfill the Crowd1 Login

  1. The website link which is
  2. Username and Password to Login
  3. Updated browser
  4. Laptops and Mobile devices with updated software
  5. High-speed Internet connection

These are the requirements to log in to Crowd1. If you fulfill all these five must-haves, you may move to the next step to log in.

How to login on Crowd1?

Once you have registered on Crowd1, you can successfully proceed with the Login process using the login credentials and by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Enter the website link, you will be taken to the homepage where you will find an option as login, click on that.
  • Enter the username which you have chosen at the time of registration and enter the password as well.
  • Check the entered details again and log in.
Login In Crowd1

Once you Login, you will be able to see a huge number of options out of which you can choose the suitable one to expand your business. It will surely help you to grow your business and the company itself went from nothing to 30 million users in 3 days.

In case, you forget the Login ID and password. Below mentioned is a must-read for you.

How to Reset your Password?

If you want to log in to any website, a Password is the must thing you should have. Just in case you have forgotten the password to your Crowd1 account, below are the steps through which you reset and have a new password:

  • Enter the website link htps:// .
  • On the homepage, below Login, there will be an option as “Forget Password
  • When the other screen pops up, you have to enter the registered username.
  • After entering the username, there will be an option as “Send Reset Link”.
  • Once you click on that an email will be sent to the registered Email address through which you can reset the password or create a new one.
Forget Password Crowd1

Just in case you are still facing issues to login into the website or in case you have not received any confirmation email on your provided Email address, there might be an issue with your internet connectivity. For that, check your network settings and try after some time. Kindly cross-check the details as well that you have entered during the process.

Please check the cookies as well, whether they are enabled or disabled in your system. Cookies present in your system help us to recognize you whenever you visit our website. To turn off the cookies, below are the steps to follow”

  • Select ‘cookies’ from the available drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘settings’ from the drop down menu.
  • Now, you can change your settings according to your specific needs.

Support Team of Crowd1

In case you may face any other issues rather than password, Crowd1 also has the support team available for you on their website. To know how to connect with them, here are some steps for you:

  • When you go on the Login page of Crowd1, you just have to click on the link there for “Forget Password”.
  • On the next page, you will find a link as “Support” which you have to select.
  • A kind of Form will pop up, which you have to fill in the required details.
  • After filling out the form, there you can also add attachments in case you want.
  • Once you are done with filling out the form and attachments, just click on submit.

After submitting your issue via form, you will an email on your registered Email address along with the solution and details in it.

You can also reach them directly through mail

Mobile Application

Crowd1 is also available as a Mobile application, you can also access it as application portal. And it is available for both Android and as well as for Apple operators.

Mobile Application Crowd1

You can get the application through Google Play Store for Android users and on Appstore for Apple users, simply click on the install and your application will be there in your phones for use. Once you are done downloading the app, the registration or login procedure is also as simple as it was discussed above.

Some of the Benefits of Crowd1

Due to its various valuable benefits, Crowd1 has been growing rapidly all over the globe, helping people to expand their businesses.

  • One of the major benefits is that it gives an updated report, which is way too useful for multinational corporations.
  • With the help of Crowd1, you’ll have to approach intermediates which will save a lot of expenditures that they cause.
  • Safer affiliate connections will be there.
  • Updated features and facilities will be provided.
  • Crowd1 provides you the opportunity of crowd marketing, which is a unique opportunity for a business to grow.
  • Before using the Crowd1 software, it also provides learning books and videos, briefing about how to use it.
  • Crowd1 can be used through multiple platforms such as a mobile application that can be accessed on Android as well as Apple mobile phones.

Final word

As we have discussed in today’s article it’s so simple and way too easy to Sign in to Crowd1. In case you are new to Crowd1 and have not ever used Crowd1, you need to register first.

When you register an online account will be created. Once you Login to the Crowd1 account, you will have all the information about the Crowd1 and its services.

Through this article of Crowd1, the digital marketing company. You will get to know everything whether it’s internal revenue or investment options alongside owners rights each with their costs and profits.

The article will also provide information about the opportunities that Crowd1 provides that will help you to think and decide whether you want to invest or not. If you want to gather information about Crowd1, thinking to make investments, this article is for you.