Film stars are some of the world’s best-known people. A few blockbuster films turn the largest stars into a household names, and suddenly the tabloids respond to people’s requests to know everything about the lives of these well-known actors. An acting technique known as Method Acting is becoming popular among the actors. 

Method acting is one of the most well-known but one of the most controversial acting approaches. However, many individuals claim that method acting is effective but this is a big topic for debate. Opinions cannot be expressed without a more complete grasp of their contexts, history, and nature.

This article discusses the different characteristics of Method Acting. 

Each type of acting technique has its characteristics and so does the method. Once characteristics of method acting have all been known, the audience may readily recognize the performers using that approach on the large screen.

The following are the fundamental elements of Lee Strasberg’s method acting: 


#1 The Blank Slate: 

In order to practice method acting and employ it in a performance, actors must have a clean slate. This basically means getting rid of all the stress that the actor may have in his mind. Only with a clear mind can an actor use method acting technique. 

Actors must remove all stress and anxiety from their own private life to fully embody their character’s emotional pain, personality features, and external motivations. To apply this aspect of the procedure well, players need to understand their own bodies thoroughly and determine where all of their tension has been stored.

#2 Focus: 

After the actor’s body has been relieved of tension, the actor is urged to cancel out some noises while absorbing others. For actors to properly recreate believable sensations in their performances, hyper attention to the senses is a critical element of the Method Acting technique. To have actors completely and utterly focused, exercises are done using vision, touch, smell, and taste.

#3 Sense Memory: 

Sense Memory is known as one of the most controversial exercises of the method acting technique. Actors who study this method technique carry out exercises to perform everyday chores such as shaving, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, or brushing their teeth. 

All events must be done with realistic realism, and Strasberg pushed this further by encouraging artists to identify the feelings and textures of key personal items. The fundamental aim of sensory memory is to ensure that the actor acts intimately and organically in which every moment the audience believes and considers it authentic.

The approach motivates all performers to think more in-depth and helps young actors comprehend the continuing mystery of performance. It is a fundamental rite of passage.

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