There are numerous brands and products for cannabidiol or CBD on the market right now, and they all seem to want your pets to enjoy their life like never before. Anything that decreases your pet’s pain is worth considering, but how can you know what brand will work for them? 

It’s easier to administer some of the CBD products to other pets like dogs, but the kitties can be trickier. This is why it’s highly recommended to stick with a more “treat-like” formula to help them get accustomed to the new supplements. 

The best ones in the market were made up of high-quality premium hemp plants from the local farms. They are organic and chemical-free varieties, and these are ideal for your feline friends. You can also try out the cat treats with less than 0.3% THC to be on the safe side. If you want to know more about them, here are some things that you may find interesting about these CBD-infused treats.

What are CBD Edibles for Cats?

These edibles are essentially dietary supplements the owners use to help their kitties maintain their weight, control the symptoms of feline diabetes, relieve arthritis pain or inflammation. Generally, they don’t provide instant relief for these medical problems but can be beneficial when given over a period of time. They are the treats that were combined with CBD oil to help treat the symptoms that are present in many felines, and studies show that they produce therapeutic results in some way.

How CBD Snacks Work?

Cannabidiol’s effects have something to do with your pet’s endocannabinoid system. When they take the right snacks for a while, they can get help from various symptoms, including experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, insomnia, and more. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are combined with the hemp plants’ phytochemicals, which helps in making the relaxing and soothing effects that your pet may feel. See more about phytochemicals on this site here.

However, you need to make sure that you’re not giving your feline friend a dose of THC. THC is a psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants. It’s harmful to cats because they are more sensitive to it. In marijuana, it’s usually over 30% THC, but the best cannabidiol-infused oil in the market only has less than 0.3% THC and is federally legal in many states.

Side Effects to Know About

It’s worth noting that your pet may still experience some side effects when it comes to taking cannabidiol. This is why it’s highly recommended to start with the minimum dose. Some vets won’t recommend the snacks because CBD still needs in-depth studies about their effects on pain, inflammation, sleep, healing, and the immune system in general. 

This is why it’s essential to do your research before buying a specific product. Know the trusted brands in the industry and observe if your pet seems easier throughout giving her the snacks. Most cats will let you know if there are improvements in how they sleep or eat. Others are more sensitive. Some of the side effects to know about are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Inappetence
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive Sleeping 

How to Care for Your Pet in These Situations?

You may want to know how to care for your pet when these side effects show up. You might want to call your cat’s vet for more information and medical advice. However, know that you just let the side effects run their course most of the time, and you need to get urgent care if a gastrointestinal upset occurs. This is primarily in the case of owners who have accidentally administered a product with a large dose of THC.

Seeing signs of THC toxicity may mean that you need an anti-nausea medication, provide IV fluid support, and go to your vet immediately for an emergency check-up. Most of the time, cannabidiol-infused treats are very safe, and this is why you should only buy from legitimate sources. See more about cannabidiol on this webpage:

Tips to Consider When Buying Cannabidiol Snacks

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The first thing to do is check out one of the few online shops that sell these products. Go for the ones that show you a list of ingredients and certificates of analysis. This will show you that the snacks are safe and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Check the products that you want and see other price ranges. See if you have other options like tinctures, creams, and oil that can help your cat with anxiety and depression. Most of these companies will offer discounted rates if you buy in bulk, and it’s a great option if you have a lot of pets at home. 

Other people prefer websites with positive feedback and raving reviews. They want to get their products from suitable sources to be on the safe side. They don’t want to compromise their pets’ health in any way and contacting a legitimate manufacturer and supplier can help them a lot.

Hopefully, you can now see some of the benefits of cannabidiol and the many ways to improve your cat’s condition. Fortunately for most owners today, there’s a growing number of treats that you can purchase to help your felines with their anxiety. If you’re unsure, talk to the vet, and read other blog posts to know more about CBD before buying it.