There are all sorts of reasons behind the astonishing success of online slots in the 21st century, and one of the most important is the world of mobile slot gambling. Gambling experts are estimating 75% of all slot gamblers to be using the mobile platform within a few years – it is simply crucial! 

Along with Android devices, the iPhone is by far the most popular mobile device to have nowadays, which makes the prospect of playing real money slots  at on your iPhone incredibly exciting. Read on for more… 

iPhone real money slots: A quick history 

The first mobile slot game ever was released in 2005 called Pub Fruity. This early mobile game used Java software, however it didn’t really catch on too much, mainly because there weren’t many people with mobile devices powerful enough to run the game. Things changed in 2007 though when Apple unveiled the iPhone, a significant milestone in the development of affordable smartphones. 

Not only did the iPhone bring more computing and graphics power to the table, but the App store also made it much easier to developers and online casino sites to make the jump to mobile gambling. Android’s Google play quickly followed, which increased mobile gambling possibilities even further. Nowadays developers design their games with mobile gaming in mind first and foremost, simply because it is so popular compared to desktop slots. 

Step-by-step: How to play real money slots on your iPhone 

Luckily for all of us avid slot gamblers, it is really quite easy to play real money slots on your iPhone in 2021. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you see for yourself – take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to play real money slots on your iPhone: 

1.       Pick a mobile casino to play with, ensuring it has a great selection of games and is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Generous welcome offers are a bonus!

2.       In most cases you will have to download the mobile casino’s app before registering, however it is possible to do this through Safari in some cases. After registering it is time to deposit – take care to satisfy welcome offer requirements.

3.       Now comes the fun part! Take a look through the catalogue of mobile slots and pick one that suits your fancy.

4.       Place your bets on the relevant paylines and give those reels a spin!

5.       Keep an eye out for any winning combinations or bonus features. Change your bets accordingly and always keen one eye on your budget. 

How to win at slots for real money on your iPhone 

Okay, that’s a step-by-step guide on how to play mobile slots on your iPhone out of the way, but what about how you are meant to win? Here are a few top tips for winning real money on iPhone slots: 

·         Place larger bets on high volatility slots, and lower bets on low volatility slots.·         Set a strict budget and place bets accordingly with it. Spread your cash out for the desired length of your playing time, this will mean you are always in with a shot of winning something.