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Bharat Benz – India’s Vehicle maker of Choice for Heavy Trucks and Auto Trailers

Bharat Benz is a premium motor truck manufacturer in India that has made a tremendous mark in the automotive industry in India. This premier truck maker from India has emerged as one of the most successful and leading truck manufacturers in India. The company has emerged as one of the eminent truck brands of the world that can be reliably bought by customers and resellers all across the world. The company has emerged as a leading player in the Indian market by offering its quality truck models in the Indian market with various innovations, state-of-art technological advancements and by upgrading its manufacturing facilities in Chennai and its other key cities.

It is not only about manufacturing heavy-duty trucks but also about providing customer services and making a strong networking in the Indian trucking and auto markets. With the emergence of this business house from India in the global markets, it has become one of the fastest emerging players in the Indian trucking and auto markets. However, it still faces many challenges. It has to face the traditional players such as Nissan, Toyota and others who have deep experience in the Indian market.

According to the statistical data and research reports available in the Indian trucking and auto markets, this international company has achieved rapid growth despite the tough competitive scenario. It is obvious that it has succeeded because it has the backing of the Indian government, the requisite local infrastructure facilities and the expertise of the people who are deeply involved in the business. Apart from this, there are other reasons as well that can be credited to BharatBenz’s rapid growth. Some of these reasons include its zero cost base, its exclusive recognition, its innovative thinking, its commitment to the highest level and its commitment towards the welfare and interest of its Indian customers.

As per the statistical data available in the Indian trucking and auto markets, this company has emerged as a leader in the field. It is very fortunate to have its manufacturing facility in Chennai which is considered as the epicenter of the automotive industry in India. Chennai is the home of many reputed automobile companies such as Mahindra, Nissan, Tata, Honda, Caterpillar, Kirlian and many more.

The first project of this company was the building of the world’s largest diesel-powered buses. This project was undertaken by HDT Company at their facility in Tamil Nadu. HDT was the sole bidder for the contract, which was won by Bharat Benz. The bus project turned out to be the turning point in the history of HDT. This was followed by the building of hundreds of commercial trucks, which are almost the pride of this giant.

Today, HDT is the single biggest manufacturer of double cab trucks. It manufactures buses for freight, passengers and general public. These include small, medium and large buses for different purposes. The company is also known for manufacturing premium truck models that include the legendary Volkswagen Passat and Volvo Vigi. The models designed by HDT are always popular among consumers as they offer great value for money.

The brand is known for its excellent quality of construction and engineering. Most of the Indian public transport buses are powered by BMW, which is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturers. However, in order to build the ultra-modern trucks, HHT uses advanced technology and techniques from within the country as well as with suppliers from abroad.

Over the past few decades, HHT has been making great progress in its heavy-duty truck business. It has successfully launched several new models in India. Recently, it introduced the new truck E-class, which is a high-tech bus. This new class of trucks has features like luxurious interior, power recline, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, a vehicle information system, satellite radio and more. Moreover, the entire bus is equipped with latest technology. However, the buses in this class are not available with all truck manufacturers.

The E-class bus, along with many other models, can only be ordered from Bharat Benz if the customer hails from the Indian state of Karnataka, the federal state of Uttarakhand or the National Industrial Development Authority of India (NIDIA). Only vehicles meeting the aforementioned criteria will be approved for export to Karnataka. To ensure that the vehicle purchased meets the desired standards, the vehicle will undergo rigorous testing at the Bharat Benz factory in India before it is shipped to Karnataka. A qualified test engineer from the Bharat Benz manufacturing facility will carry out the tests on the bus chassis. Once the vehicle has been cleared by the Bengaluru factory, the test engineer transfers the vehicle on to the special NODA test track located in Bangalore.

For manufacturing vehicles in India, Bharat Benz has designed many advanced truck models such as the NMZ car and truck. Apart from being extremely fuel-efficient, these vehicles offer the utmost in class and performance. Many of the company’s popular models are manufactured in India. Some of the most popular ones are:

Bharat Benz is working hard to expand its truck manufacturing capacity in India. It is looking forward to double its annual production to over two million units by the end of next fiscal year. In the next few years, Bharat Benz is planning to expand its tractor trailer models – including the ERR series. It also plans to introduce new truck technologies to its already successful fleet of passenger and commercial vans and buses.

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