In today’s world where technology has improved so much. It has provided us with great advantages, but like any other thing, it has created a few of the major problems. We all use the internet, website and mail regularly in our daily life. Different applications are there that are used by millions. The Internet provided us with great benefits, but few people have taken it to the wrong path and are using it in the wrong manner. Few people and organisations are using it to steal people’s data and money and also harm their smartphones or computer. One such type of threat is a cyber attack. Nowadays cyber-attacks are increasing rapidly, thus we are going to discuss them in detail.

A malicious attempt by any individual or an organisation to breach the data of any other person or company is known as a cyber attack. The major motive of cybercriminals is to either collect finance-related details like bank card detail or to get personal details to misuse them and exploit the person or organisation. There are different types of cyber attacks, let us discuss a few of them in detail.

Types of cyber-attacks:

  • Phishing: This type of cyber-attacks is increasing rapidly. In every corner of the world, this type of cyber-attacks is being done, and they are worsening with every passing day. It is an attempt to steal sensitive information of the target person or organisation by posing as a trustworthy source. It leads the target to share the information. Information may include details of the debit and credit card, passwords and many more. Phishing itself is classified into various types.
  • Malware: Applications have become an integral part of our smartphones and computers. Cyber attackers take advantage of it and develop apps that are harmful. Malware is a kind of application designed to harm the smooth functioning of various devices; it can be a smartphone as well as desktops. Usually, a code or link is sent to the target, and unknowingly the user clicks on it and the malware gets installed in the device. This malware application then starts functioning to harm the device depending on its capabilities.
  • SQL Injection: We all know that structure query language is a programming language used all over the world to communicate with databases. To access the data and update it between the user and the client, many servers employ SQL. Attackers take advantage of it and use malicious statements to make the system do unexpected actions. This is one of the most used methods by cyber attackers.

In the preceding article, we have gone through cyber-attacks and various types of cyber-attacks. They are very harmful to our devices as well as for us also. Nowadays, with a rapid increase in usage of the internet and smartphones, these kinds of attacks have also increased to great heights. It is crucial for us to stay protected against such cyber-attacks. Thus, it becomes necessary for us to invest in solutions like Appsealing to get the best approach while dealing with such threats.