YSR Pension (York Sikh Retirement Scheme) was specially designed to provide monetary assistance to the aged people, widow, disabled persons, Transgender, and those economically weaker section of individuals. This scheme was introduced as a part of the general election manifesto by chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy recently. The scheme is fully supported by the central government and is popular among the Sikhs due to their deep concern for the welfare of the Sikh community. There are three major sections of YSR Pension-age category, caste/class and gender. All the three are taken into consideration while offering financial help to the needy section of people in the Sikh community.

The eligibility criteria of the YSR pension status is very simple. You must be a resident of the State of India and you must have completed the age of 18 years. The age limit for applying is the maximum of 65 years for men and 55 years for women. The eligibility criteria for the application of the YSR pension is very easy and you can simply show the proof of your age through documents like birth certificate or valid passport and the proof of your Sikh nationality (Sikh).

You can also prove your age through the completion of age proof by showing the completion of the graduation and attaining the degree from a recognized educational institution. You must also mention that you are a competent person having the ability to contribute to the YSR pension by means of monthly contributions. The age limit for applying is the maximum of 65 years for men and 55 years for women. However, if you belong to the rural areas then you are eligible for applying even in the younger age group. The eligibility criteria for the urban areas is different in the case of applying for the YSR pension.

The eligibility criteria of the YSR pension is very simple and you can apply for it without having to prove anything at all. You can simply mention that you are a qualified person having the ability to contribute in the MPD (Municipal Retirement Program) and that you are a citizen of the State of Delhi. The age limit is the same for both the urban and the rural areas for the eligibility of the YSR pension in the MPD. In the case of applying for the pension in the urban areas, you will have to give the certificate of origin of your house, your age and your income and the proof of your financial predominance.

There are several methods of applying for the pension. The eligible candidates can apply for the scheme online or they can contact the respective ministry of defense or the government offices nearest to their area. When you apply for the pension through the internet, you have to mention all the details about yourself including your name, your date of birth, your income and the list of all your dependents. You will also have to fill out the application forms that are available on various government offices and the required documents.

The pension scheme offers various options like the benefit options. The individuals have to choose the option that best suits their needs and requirements. Some of these options include insurance benefits, provident fund, travel allowance, lifetime allowance, accident fund, widowhood pay, educational grant, etc. There are many other options that are offered by the plan as well.

In order to apply for the pension, you will have to mention the details about yourself in the application form. The application process enables the applicant to get the pension according to his or her chosen option. After you complete the process, you will get the certificate of completion. The certificate will be provided to you along with the official notice of approval of the pension status.

The procedure of applying for pension kanuka is quite simple. The process has been simplified after a lot of groundwork work from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of Karnataka. This process was done in order to help all the citizens of Andhra Pradesh to get the best pension they deserve. The procedure is quick and convenient as well. As the rules and regulations are very easy to follow, there is no fear of any hindrance or difficulty in getting the pension.