The website is fast cementing a niche for itself in the entertainment news world

News sells and if that is the case, nothing sells better than entertainment news. It is also the reason why even the hardcore hard news websites put a lot of emphasis on making the most of entertainment news bits. But this is a strategy known to all and this, the competition within the segment is immense. Every general news website competes for a share of the pie, and if that wasn’t enough, you also have websites dedicated to entertainment also entering the fray. It is one big Royal Rumble and to make it to the top 10 search rankings on Google, you have to do a whole lot of things right. And that is exactly what Behind Talkies, a website that dedicates to South India entertainment news, has done.

Early Stage

Since its inception in 2017, this website has gone on to carve its own market share in the ever increasing entertainment news world. While there is a lot of interest in all the happenings from ticel town, the staggering number of outlets vying for the same information has made it tough for anyone to make it in this segment. What Behind Talkies has done thus makes it an incredible achievement. Within a short span of time, this startup has risen from becoming just the new bloke in town to ‘the’ bloke in town. With a young charismatic editorial team that lives by the ethos of credibility, Behind Talkies is gunning to be the next big thing in the entertainment information world. The editorial team strives to ensure that every new piece that they put out is fact checked. Whereas usually such rigorous work process delays the dissemination of news, Behind Talkies ensures that they are still at the forefront when it comes to news delivery.

Strong Social Media Team

The team has been engaging with its readers through various social media channel, extracting valuable feedback and has been on point with changes. But what it has stuck to since its launch has been the adherence to credibility. Behind Talkies has never since its launch, deviated from its mission of delivering credible news at breakneck speed. The fact that its reader bse has increased multifold is testimony to this. While the team has been able to build a steady increase in readership, they have been able to take it to another level since the lockdowns happened. With a deep dive into Tamil entertainment news, whether you are an ardent viewer of Bigg Boss or cinema, Behind Talkies ensures that they keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings. Having narrowed its focus to just Tamil entertainment news, this vernacular website has been able to successfully grab a sizeable chunk of the market share when it comes to Tamil entertainment news.

Life Style

Along with that Behind Talkies has started collaborating with Nila’s recipes which about creating the cooking recipes in Tamil, this tamil recipes website provide Collection of Tamil Nadu Recipes , Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad Recipes. Easy Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes with step by step pictures.

At a time when many websites are struggling to hold on to their reader base and make sufficient revenue, Behind Talkies has been a standout example that show that due diligence and determination will bear fruit.