Shivlingi seeds are obtained from Patanjali Shivlingi Beej, a plant whose botanical name is Bryonopsis laciniosa (Diplocyclos palmatus) Bryonopsis laciniosa (Syn Diplocyclos palmatus) and grinded to powder and is mainly used in the treatment of infertility in women. .

What is the seed of a lingam?

In Ayurveda, Shivlingi is known and used medicinally as many other names such as Lingini, Lingika, Ishlingi, Shivlingi and Shivlingi. Shivlingi seeds are mainly used to promote the fertility of women and the possibilities of conception. It is a very valuable medicine for pregnancy.  The main indication of Shivlingi seeds is for reproductive disorders of women.

Women, who are unable to have children, should grind and keep both sonic seed and Shivling seed. Both the powder should be taken in the morning in the morning before eating anything of cow’s milk. Along with this, the amount of fruit melt should be taken in a teaspoon. Some women are also advised to take two tablets of Divya Rasayam Vati and two tablets of Chandraprabha Vati twice a day along with them. Pranayama and exercise should also be done as well.

This page gives information about Shivlingi seed in Hindi such as composition, uses, benefits / benefits / benefits of medicine, price, dosage / dosage / method of taking, side effects / disadvantages / dangers / side effects / and other important information.

  • What are the ingredients present in Shivlingi seeds?
  • What are the upyog usage of Shivlingi seed ?
  • What are the advantages of Shivlingi seed faide ?
  • What are the nuksan side effects or disadvantages of Shivlingi seed ?
  • When do not take Shivlingi seed?
  • What are the possible drug interactions of Shivlingi seed ?
  • What are the warnings and suggestions related to Shivlingi seeds?

Shivlingi Beej is Herbal Ayurvedic medicine containing Shivlingi Seeds. These seeds are obtained from a plant and used for improving chances of conception.

Shivlingi Beej is indicated in treatment of infertility. For increasing chances of conception, promoting fertility in wome, give 1 gram powder of Shivlingi beej + 1 gram powder of Putrajivak giri with milk of mulching cow having a calf daily early morning before eating anything. Also take 1 spoon Phala Ghrita. Here is given more about this medicine, such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage in Hindi language.

  • Drug Name: Shivlingi Seed Patanjali Shivlingi Beej
  • Manufacturer : Patanjali
  • Availability : It is available online and in stores.
  • Type of Medicine: Herbal
  • Main use: beneficial in child stay
  • Key properties: Strengthen uterine muscles
  • Effect on Dosha: Reduce phlegm, increase bile
  • Effect on the organ: uterus, ovaries, and testes
  • Main indication: infertility

Price MRP:

Sexual Health Ayurvedic MedicinesKameshwar Modaka

Shivlingi seed ingredient | Ingredients of Patanjali Shivlingi Beej

Shivlingi seed, botanical name Brynopsis laciniosa (Diplocyclos palmatus) Bryonopsis laciniosa (Syn. Diplocyclos palmatus)

Benefits of Shivlingi Seeds | Benefits of Patanjali Shivlingi Beej in Hindi

  • Its intake relieves inflammation .
  • Its use also provides relief in constipation problem. It contains water-soluble fiber which helps the stool to move easily from the intestines. .
  • Its intake increases testosterone levels.
  • Periods come properly after its consumption .
  • The problem associated with periods is overcome by its use .
  • It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  • It has rational property.
  • When consumed by men, it helps in correct functioning of reproductive organs .
  • This increases the likelihood of ovulation coming out of the ovary .
  • This reduces phlegm defects .
  • It reduces the level of lipids in the blood .
  • It clears the uterus , relieves inflammation, reduces phlegm, improves ovarian functions and improves hormone imbalance, and these properties increase the likelihood that the baby will live.
  • It is a uterine tonic.
  • It helps to lower body temperature in fever .
  • It increases sexual energy .
  • It increases masculine strength in the body .
  • This increases the sperm count .
  • The intake of Shivlingi seeds increases fertility .

Ayurvedic Properties of Shivlingi Seeds

  • Rasa (taste on tongue): bitter / pungent, bitter / bitter
  • Pharmacological Action: Short / light, dry / dry, sharp
  • Potency: Thermal / heat enhancer
  • Transformed state after digestion: bitter / pungent

Therapeutic Uses of Shivlingi Seeds | Uses of Patanjali Shivlingi Beej

Shivlingi seed is used like painful menstruation, dysmenorrhea, during menstrual period, pain in the ovaries, inflammation of the uterus, uterine tonic. The main indication of seeds is to prevent reproductive disorders and miscarriage of women. Shivlingi seeds have anti-fungal, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, analgesic, antihyperlipidemic, spermatogenic / spermatogenic and uterine tonic properties.

  • Fertility promotion medicine as promoting fertility
  • Fever fever
  • Female infertility infertility
  • Rationalization sexual tonic
  • Inflammatory Inflammations
  • Gynecological problems (white water, menstrual problems, vaginal problems, abnormal bleeding, heavy bleeding, painful periods, sterility) Gynecological problems (white discharge, menstruation problems, vaginal dysfunctions abnormal bleeding, heavy bleeding, painful periods, barrenness)
  • Hyperglycemia and diabetes
  • Oligospermia

The method and quantity of Shivlingi seed. Dosage of Patanjali Shivlingi Beej

  • Grind and keep both the Betajivak Seed and the Shivlinga Seed.
  • Take both the powder daily with a gram or a quarter teaspoon of cow’s milk on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Putrajivak is cold in Taseer and Shivlingi is warm in Taseer. Putrajivak reduces vata and bile while Shivlingi reduces phlegm and increases bile. Therefore, the amount of both should be viewed more or less according to the nature of its vata-pitta-kapha dosha.
  • Along with this, the amount of fruit melt should be taken in a teaspoon.
  • Some women are also advised to take two tablets of Divya Rasayam Vati and two tablets of Chandraprabha Vati twice a day along with them.
  • Pranayama and exercise should also be done as well.

Precautions in the use of Shivlingi seed. Warnings

  • If there are symptoms of excess bile from the seed of Shivlinga, such as burning of hands and feet, excessive bleeding, acidity, etc. then take or not take this powder in small quantities. Take only Betajivak powder.
  • Do not consume hot Tasir food, external food, excess oil, sourness, chillies, spices, outside chaat etc. during its consumption.
  • The appropriate dose depends on many factors such as the user’s age, health, and many other conditions. There is not enough scientific information to determine the proper dosage.
  • It can be used for 6-7 months.
  • The drug should be used in the appropriate proportions with appropriate proportions, considering age and strength and with the expert advice of a physician.
  • It is a bile enhancer and reduces phlegm.
  • If bile increases more on taking it, then reduce its amount.
  • Treat the underlying cause of infertility.

drug interactions

  • Is not known
  • Shivlingi seed side-effects Side effects
  • There is no side effect of the drug by taking it in the prescribed dose.
  • Taking it increases body heat.
  • Bleeding of periods may be higher in some women than taking it.

When not to use Shivlingi seed. Contraindications

  • There are no known contraindications for this.
  • If you become pregnant, do not take it.
  • If periods last longer, do not take it.
  • If bleeding increases in periods due to its consumption, then reduce its amount.

Storage instructions

  • Store in a dry place.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.

Some questions asked about medicine

Can I take this medicine with allopathic medicines?

Yes, you can. But keep a gap of few hours in the intake of medicines.

Can lingam seed be taken with homeopathic medicine?

Can be taken. But it may be that both medicines do not work. Therefore, it is important to see the effect of the drug.

Can drug overdose harm?

Medications should be taken in the correct amount. Excessive drug intake can cause side effects.

Is Shivling seed safe?

Yes, it is safe to take in recommended doses.

What is the main sign of Shivlingi seed?


Does it contain non-herbal ingredients?


How long can I take this medicine?

You can take it for 6-7 months or until needed.

What is the best time to get Shivlingi seed?

It should be taken before meals or on an empty stomach. Try to take it daily at the same time.

Is Shivlingi seed a habit forming drug?


Does this affect the alertness of the brain?


Is Shivlingi safe to drive while taking seeds?


Can I take it during periods?

It can be taken, if the bleeding of the period is not affected.

Can a diabetic person take it?