How A Pillow Can Affect Your Health

October 20, 2021- by Suman

A well-made, high quality pillow provides a comfortable nook in which the head and neck can hang. Give your muscles...


Some psychotherapy that can protect your health for a longer…

October 19, 2021- by Suman

It is becoming important for an individual to not only look after their physical aspects of health but also to...


The Drona Ayurveda Company Offers A Comprehensive Health And Wellness…

August 26, 2021- by Suman

The Drona Ayurveda Company is a renowned organization that is located in India. It was started in 1985 with the...


All About the Gurmar Leaf – And Its Health Benefits

August 23, 2021- by Suman

Gudmar (Cyperus rotundus) is an Australian native plant that is used for medicinal purposes. It is used in the treatment...


Health Benefits Of Triphala

August 23, 2021- by Suman

Triphala Churna is a traditional ayurvedic treatment which is found in Ayurvedic formulations. It is a powerful detoxifier and cleanser,...


Are There Any Health Benefits From Marijuana?

July 28, 2021- by Suman

What are the health benefits from marijuana? When did people really begin taking this drug? Is it safe to use...


Bhang Oil Cartridges – How to Create Your Own Healthy…

July 27, 2021- by Suman

Bhang Oil (Bhang) is a natural, pure product from Northern India. It has been used for centuries as an essential...


Deep Learning Software and Its Healthcare Implications

July 22, 2021- by Suman

Ever since the Obama administration had passed the Affordable Care Act, health care and health insurance coverage have been active...


What is Bhang? Health Benefits and Safety

May 17, 2021- by Suman

Bhang Female hemp, or marijuana, is an edible mixture made from plant buds, leaves, and flowers. In India, it has...


Health Benefits of Dates for Men

May 14, 2021- by Suman

Date (Phoenix dactylifera) is a very nutritious sweet dry fruit, which gives strength to the body. Dates contain about 80% sugar. It...


CBD oil: know how cannabis extracts are beneficial for health

May 13, 2021- by Suman

It has been in the news ever since the CBR oil was mentioned in the SSR case. During the investigation...


Cannabis / Cannabis and Mental Health

May 12, 2021- by Suman

Disclaimer Our translated content provides information, not advice. The contents of our translated pages and documents are provided for general...

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