Work from home is simply not going to end soon .as the pedantic is evolving day by day; most offices have realized that some employees can do all their work efficiently without showing up physically.

It is expected that many offices will only require employees to show a few times a week. So, to ensure if your team can work efficiently from the comfort of their home or not, here are some accessories they need to have in their home offices.

HD Webcams

As much as I love my laptop, its internal microphone and webcam are not good enough. It would help if I had a 1080p HD video camera to look professional. There are amazing HD Webcams that can go directly on top of your monitors or laptops, or they can be put on a tripod. 

We are continuously consuming video content these days. The first criterion for such content is video quality. Small teams often have huge responsibilities on their shoulders and have to present their work to important players. Make your video calls top tier; your performance reports will thank you for it.

If your video quality is bad, you might have to commute two hours daily to show up for the meetings in person.

Extra Monitors

When it comes to productivity, screen space matters a lot. Single monitors or one laptop screens are not enough for most professionals. I work with excel files, word files, a time tracking app, a web browser, and so much more in my work, so  I have to shift between apps and windows every 10 seconds constantly.

So, I got a second monitor. Please do yourself a favour, get a second monitor (or third), and connect it to your PC or laptop. Being hunched over a laptop for hours on end is not good for your health. But, most importantly, the smaller screen is less productive, wastes a lot of time, and strains your eye.

Lenovo even capitalized on this opportunity as they launched their ThinkSmart View as a small tablet-like screen dedicated to Microsoft Teams’ app. It is meant to be a portable smaller screen for the meetings while working on the primary screen. You can use a $350 small tablet as screen space for meetings or a $50 used LED screen that you can use for anything.

Wireless Mouse with Wireless Charging

For most professional work, I would recommend a wireless mouse. I found that my wireless mouse was not as smooth as I would like when I did any precise design work at low charge.

Here’s what I suggest, get a wireless mouse and a charging pad that can charge your phone and your mouse without a cable in sight. The constant charging would mean you won’t have the same problem as me. And your mobile is always going to be juiced up.

Furthermore, the wireless mouse allows me to change my posture, lean back, relax, and use my thighs as an easier mousepad while taking breaks. Not having to always reach for the laptop’s touchpad or a wired mouse will save your back.

Gel Wrist Pads for Mouse and Keyboard

RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury is no joke. You might be using a makeshift desk at home without the proper support for your wrists. Stop. There are amazing low-cost solutions that you can get now to prevent a lot of pain and money in the future.

Mousepads with wrist support come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and technology. Don’t worry about getting gel wrist pads; memory foams work just as well. They also end up being amazing cosmetic additions to your desk.

Wrist supports for keyboards are less common because most people use their mouse more than their keyboards. However, they use their keyboards enough to warrant good wrist supports to prevent injury, pain, and any long-term consequences.

Interactive Time Tracking Devices

In my experience, smaller teams have a lot more individual responsibility to manage their time and tasks. There is less micro-management, and everyone has to carry a lot of weight compared to larger teams.

So, individuals in smaller teams require ways to track their time and tasks that do not get boring.

I personally love TimeFlip2. It is a 12-sided solid shape with customizable stickers you can put on each side. You can draw your personalized stickers to represent your tasks and routine. An app is used to start time timer. When you do it, the sticker on top of the shape turns green and starts to count down. As the timer finishes, the sticker turns red, reminding you that some other task now needs your attention. Now you can turn the gadget to the appropriate sticker and continue.

Doing focused work in short bursts is almost always the better option (unless you are an ADHD novel writer and need hours of dedicated focus).

Small investments like these can go a long way if you take advantage of their features and use their help. Good luck!