We all enjoy celebrating celebrations with our families especially the December the Global Holidays. The days of these holidays will make us feel happy as all places of work and schools will be shut. We also get to celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones and families. This is when we get to meet with our loved family members and exchange gifts. This is why we’re going to talk about the holiday seasons that occur in December. December is a month for celebration. As it’s the final month of the year, and many people enjoy an enjoyable time. You can read about the various December holidays across the globe. Every religion, culture and locations around the globe observe their Christmas holidays in December.

Additionally also, the month of December Global Holidays is a long list of holidays for 2021 and 2022. This is the reason that this month is regarded as to be a holiday month. Although some individuals have cold temperatures during the month, most people take advantage of the holidays in December.

Find out more about the most talked about Christmas holidays in the world 2021.

1. Santa Lucia

Date of Celebration: December 13

Santa Lucia is an Italian Saint who gave her life for the sake of martyrdom. Following her death she was seen as the shining light in the darkness. It is celebrated annually on the 13th of December throughout Scandinavia as well as Italy. Also , on this day, people take part in procession and sing in white attire and light candles.

They honor Saint Lucia by doing every year. It is therefore one of the most popular holidays in December that is anticipated by those who follow Santa Lucia. Additionally, it is one of the numerous holy festivals of Saint Lucia.

2. New Year’s Eve 2022 (New Year)

Date of Celebration: December 31

New Year’s Eve 2021 is the most significant worldwide celebration, which is the day of final reckoning according to the Gregorian calendar on the 31st of December. It is also often referred to as Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day in various cities. The celebration is marked with all sorts of celebrations, from prayer to celebrations. The day that ends the year is filled with emotions, joy and joy on the one side, while sadness and regrets are on the other.

All over the world the method of celebration is distinctive: only a few individuals gather at public spaces to celebrate, whereas others go to church at midnight to receive prayers. All enjoy traditional food and foods that are believed to bring luck throughout the year. Nearly in every Spanish nation, people throw down twelve grapes to symbolize their hopes and luck for the year 2022.

3. Festivus

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Date of Celebration: December 23

Festivus is not an actual festival, but the celebration is a result of those who oppose Christmas-related consumerism. It is celebrated each year on December 23 , mostly across the United States. In addition, it was introduced by being a part of popular culture in 1997, due to some of the shows from the Seinfeld show, titled “The Strike”. The principal goal of Festivus is to stop the costly Christmas shopping by people. There was initially many criticisms of the Festivus. Today, people are beginning to celebrate the holiday. This is the reason why for many it is now a custom to observe Festivus each year.

4. Christmas

Date of Celebration: December 25

Many people around the world are celebrating Christmas on December 25 to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Jesus Christ. It is among the most popular Christmas Global Holidays. However, in the Bible the birth story of Jesus is not explained and research has proven that Jesus wasn’t birthed in the month of December. Today, more than just the significance of Christmas for religious reasons, it is now a part of our society. This is the reason that it is the case that many Non-Christians also celebrate Christmas.

On this day, the people purchase gifts to their loved ones and then share them with their family members. Additionally, they host celebrations and embellish their houses. The five days that run from Christmas through New Year is an occasion of celebration for all the people. Additionally, Santa Claus arrives to give presents to the children. Many attend the church service to celebrate the day.

5. Kwanzaa

Date of Celebration: December 26 – January 1

Kwanzaa is a celebration of the arts and culture that is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. The celebration is a way to honor African values. Additionally, it is now an important holiday in December across the US. Many people are seeking to understand and appreciate the African culture. The day was first created by Dr. Maulana Karenga. It was first celebrated during the Watts protests during the riots in Los Angeles, California after 1966. The word Kwanza originates from the Swahili language, which means First. It is also taken from the well-known Swahili expression “matunda ya kwanza,” meaning “the first fruits”.

People celebrate this festival through dancing African music. They also participate with telling tales, poems and much more. These are just a few of the fundamental characteristics in African culture. After a week of festivity, the celebration concludes with a lavish feast known as “Karamu”.

6. Yule

Date of Celebration: December 21 – January 1

This day is that is widely celebrated in Germany to honor Odin, the Norse god Odin. It falls on the 21st of December each year. Yule is also known as Yuletide is an ancient pagan celebration that is observed to honor Odin, the God Odin. Additionally, the festival occurs around the Winter Solstice which makes it one of the most ancient festivals.

The ancient people of the past celebrated the Yule celebration by lighting a massive log by burning it. The tradition is still practiced by a lot of people in Germany. People also celebrate the holiday by making an Yule altar. Then, they will offer floral tributes for Mother Nature.

7. Boxing Day

Date of Celebration: December 26

Boxing Day falls on December 26th. The holiday is celebrated only in a handful of countries around the world. The genesis of the celebration is from the middle ages in the United Kingdom. It was the day when the alms boxes were opened to those in need and then distributed to the poor. Therefore, this custom is observed throughout the world on Boxing Day. It is now an official celebration in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Additionally, in England the time of Boxing Day soccer and horse races are also held. Also , the Irish celebrate the day as St. Stephen’s Day and they will have their own things to do during this day such as hunting.

8. Omisoka

Date of Celebration: December 31

Omisoka also known as New Year’s Eve is one of the festivals that is that is celebrated in Japan. This is when people reflect on the past year. They then begin with the New Year with great happiness and leave the past left behind. On New Year’s Eve, they consume long noodles that include a bowl of Koshi-soba, also known as toshikoshi-udon. It is an element of custom.

Also, at midnight, people go to temples and shrines, and worship God. The bells of Shinto shrines Shinto temples and shrines are struck in order to expel the human desires that are the cause of human suffering.

9. Asarah B’Tevet

Date of Celebration: December 14

It is the 10th of Tevet also known by the name of Asarah B’tevet, is observed as a day of fasting, mourning and repentance. The members of Jewish communities generally refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until the time of nightfall. Additionally, they incorporate Selichot which is a reference to penitential prayers and other prayers as supplements.

The fast is usually scheduled to be over by the time night falls at the point that one could be able to see three small stars in the night sky. The fasting practice is observed because of the mourning over the besieging of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia. It is among the Christmas holidays 2021 in 2022 and 2022 that will leave you feeling the spirit of the season.

10. Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Date of Celebration: December 9 and 12

Every year on December 12, Mexicans gather for the celebration of our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a holiday primarily carried out through members of the Mexican Catholic community. If you’re looking to have fun this time travel to Mexico. Usually, the celebration commemorates an appearance by Mary before Mexican populist Juan Diego in 1531. Since that time, the day has been a significant day, or we could call it an official celebration in Mexico.

The Mexican-Americans celebrate it also a way to show their culture and religion. What happens on the day? The people tend to set up altars in their homes throughout the celebration. The altars are usually made by painting Our Lady of Guadalupe surrounded by flowers and candles. The people are ecstatic on this day.

11. Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Date of Celebration: December 8

The Immaculate Conception Feast is a Christmas Holiday which is observed on December 8th each year. This day is when all those adhering to the Christian faith celebrate Mother Mary. This solemnity, Mary’s Immaculate Conception is therefore an important Catholic celebration that honors the idea of Mary without sin.

Even though the day is part of the liturgical year of Advent and is known to be the time that we prepare ourselves for the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, the day is a symbol of the birth of Mary in the mother’s womb. St. Anne. Typically, the celebration of the celebration is triggered by the reading of a Papal encyclical written by Pius IX, Pope Pius IX. The encyclical lays out the doctrine that is The Immaculate Conception. This day is a must in order to feel closer and connected to Mother Mary.

12. Hanukkah

Date of Celebration: November 28 – December 6

Hanukkah Also known as Chanukah is an annual Jewish celebration of the Jewish people. The celebration is centered around commemorating how the Jews dedicated the Jerusalem temple following the Maccabean Revolt. They believe it was an act of God that the temple was restored to its original dedication. Additionally, the event is also known as the festival of light and is observed in the Hebrew calendar on the 25th day of Kislev.

The menorah is lit every day for the entire eight days. Then , people feast on traditional Hanukkah food items including potato cakes, doughnuts fried packed with jams, and much more. Also, people give gifts to each other on this day. It is a well-known Jewish celebration and is considered to be one of the most memorable holidays in December. Global Holidays.

13. World AIDS Day

Date: December 1

World AIDS day is celebrated each year on the 1st of December. It was first introduced in 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in 1987. Today, the day is observed in many countries to raise the issue of AIDS. This is the reason why it has become a Global Holiday in December.

In addition, people affected by the disease receive the required encouragement to speak about it. A lot of them also visit children suffering from the illness and engage with the children. This helps to understand how the disease spreads and also to help the government organize programmes to educate people about safe sexual relations. A lot of people know how to stop diseases like HIV.

2021, 2022 December Global Holidays and December Holiday Month Celebration

Naturally, when the thought of the December Global Holidays pop up, we think of Yule and Hanukkah celebrations as well as Christmas among other renowned events. We have put together for you some never-before-heard-of holiday celebrations for December. Holiday Month celebrations that will make the month more enjoyable.

So, let’s get started. the December holidays, which are celebrated throughout the entire month.

14. National Car Donation Month

The month of December marks the Month of Multicultural Holiday Celebrations and it’s one of the occasions that each country has their National Car Donation Month. The month-long celebration is a reminder to those who purchase from us that we can help humanity in many different ways to the causes that we stand for, rather than simply making big bold checks.

According to a study, each year, more than 750,000 cars are donated to charitable causes. Therefore, every year in December, auto dealerships, celebrities and ordinary citizens gather to commemorate National Car Donation Month by making a decision to donate a car to a cause they are passionate about. If you’ve not yet completed the process now, it’s time to get it done.

15. National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month

Since 1981, each president has spoken about urgent to make a commitment to stop drunk driving. The presidents of America created that month in the year of December to be The National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month. It is a great opportunity to make sure that you don’t drive while drunk or under the numbing effects.

This month is the moment when everyone is encouraged to take action, spreading awareness about the issues that arise when driving drunk. Due to the increasing number of accidents that occur on the road growing due to impaired drivers driving in a drunken state, this National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month is the perfect opportunity for everyone to promote the importance of living.

16. National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Similar to similar to National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month December also serves as the National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The President Obama who designated December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Additionally, the purpose of the event , which runs for a month is to encourage people, educators as well as health care professionals and other community leaders to step forward and inspire youngsters to be free from the addiction to alcohol, drugs as well as other drugs that could cause harm to us. This is a cause all should be part of. If you are convinced that you are a part of it, then all you have to do is wear that red Awareness ribbon to reserve taxis while drinking.

17. Spiritual Literacy Month

It is among the most important Christmas holidays in December that is celebrated throughout the world by people of all faiths, despite the different the spiritual and religious convictions. The aim to celebrate Spirituality Literacy Month is to help us engage in our spirituality. It encourages us to grow in our faith or to gain a greater knowledge of our religious and cultural practices to be closer to God’s being.

The festival was founded with two writers Frederic as well as Mary Brussat in 1996. They created it to encourage the concept of respect for all religions around the world and spiritual beliefs. Furthermore, the introduction of this concept in the first place allowed people from all backgrounds to study sacred texts of all religions.

18. Universal Human Rights Month

One of the Months of Multicultural Holiday Celebrations is Universal Human Rights Month. It is of paramount importance since it tackles a variety of contemporary issues, including the restriction of fundamental rights and trafficking in children, slavery as well as other issues. This annual recognition prompts people from all over the world to unite and advocate for justice, equality, and the rights of every human being. How did it get started?

The story started in 1948 when the United Nations penned up a document dubbed”the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following WW2 The U.N was determined to stop the atrocities which had been committed. They created the document to clearly define and declare that human rights are currently and will be in the future, protected all over the world.

19. Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Have you heard that nearly one-in-ten people are sick each year due to eating unclean food? Additionally, the study found that 420,000 people die due to these diseases. The only way to address this problem is to spread awareness. December is among the months where people from all over the world commemorate Worldwide Food Service Safety Month.

The purpose of this month is to spread awareness of the risks of food contamination, and the best ways to store food and cook it correctly.

20. Youngsters on The Air (YOTA) Month

The HTML0 version of YOTA (also known as Youngsters On Air, takes place every December, with one purpose. This is to motivate the youngsters to play involved in the air and give them an experience. What they are trying to accomplish will be to expose the idea of airing to the practical aspects of their hobbies.

Communication is becoming more digital and contemporary What they are trying to achieve is to encourage children to devote time to their passions. Thus, the festival that runs for a month is a good foundation that helps children in bringing out their creative aspect.


These are the 20 most well-known worldwide holidays of December that are celebrated by people from all over the globe. The celebrations reflect the cultural background and beliefs of the people. It also makes us reflect on our their origins and the past. Every festival we see today have their roots. Many of them even go back to the earlier medieval times. Therefore, try to understand the roots of the holiday you celebrate and understand their meaning.