A virtual event is a fun way of online activities held over Zoom, Microsoft Team, or Google Meet platforms like playing games or question and answer portion. Virtual event ideas help build familiarity, improved communication, and work dynamics between the attendees. It’s also a form of small team building, virtual group bonding, and virtual employee engagement. Here are 16 creative virtual event examples you need to see.

1. Online Games Competition

It’s an online “Office Olympic” that includes spirited challenges and games. This virtual event is about being energetic, competitive, and team engagement. It is also one of the most popular fun and creative events and can accommodate more than a hundred participants.

2. Virtual Concert

Just because it’s an online event doesn’t mean you can forget about entertainment. An event performance can translate very well into a virtual event. Incorporating a performance of any sort helps keep the audience engaged, and it’s a nice way to bring entertainment to them.

3. Virtual Team Building Bingo

A virtual bingo is a fun team-building activity. It is familiar, nostalgic, and a perfect game for any age. Icebreaker Bingo and Online Team Building Bingo are some sample templates that you can distribute to your attendees.

4. Health and Wellbeing Activities

Many people have been facing problems regarding their mental and physical health problems, especially during the pandemic, and having this kind of virtual event is a good way to switch things up. You could organise a virtual event with a short workout or meditation between breaks or plan a different stream specifically for this event. This activity will help the team grow and show your concern for the health and well-being of your attendees.

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

This virtual event idea is a quick and fun activity for virtual team buildings. It is a remote game where players will scramble to find items or fulfil a specific challenge before the time runs out.

6. Cooking Class

Virtual cooking is also a creative and fun activity to do. This event will give the attendees social contact while learning a new skill in the comfort of their homes. Providing a recipe ahead of time or kitchen kits will also help the participants to prepare for this event.

7. Virtual Trivia Night

Virtual trivia is a game night option, and it’s easy to do online. A little healthy competition is fun because people will show their random knowledge. It will build excitement and cooperation between teams towards their opponents. If you are planning this kind of virtual event, there are professional services that will organise trivia games for you.

8. Virtual Show and Tell

This creative virtual event is one of the best team-building ideas that promote public speaking skills and storytelling. Sharing something about lives builds connections between team members. It is not easy to share something, but seeing other people be brave about it can motivate others to open themselves. You can set a specific topic on what to share so the members can prepare their stories ahead of time.

9. Social Media Challenge

Social media challenges like TikTok can be effective in fundraising and building awareness. You can think of a fun challenge or what is currently trending on social media platforms and encourage your team members to participate. Use a dedicated hashtag for the challenge. It is a fun activity, and it encourages social interactions.

10. Online Game Show

Doing an online game show inspired by your favourite game show like Family Feud will encourage your team to work together, and at the same time, they will have fun and learn new facts.

11. Attract Star Talent

You can bring star hosts, speakers, or moderators capable of owning the virtual setting. Encouraging social engagement throughout the virtual event is highly recommended to optimise who delivers well, energises the audience, and creates an exciting atmosphere.

12. Team Movie Night

Even if not physically together, watching a movie together is a new way of hanging out nowadays by simply holding a virtual movie night. You will invite everyone through a conference call, and the host event will stream the movie. You can also do a voting system to decide what movie to watch ahead of time or be open to recommendations from the team members. After watching a movie, you could also do a movie review together.

13. Online Tours

It is a creative virtual event idea that gives your audiences a sense of travelling away from their homes. Depending on the location, the host or the speaker might work in interesting places like farms, galleries, or other unique spots and give a virtual tour.

14. Hosting a Giveaway

Giveaways are always special and increase attendees’ engagement with the event. It also added some fun and excitement. The giveaway might not be simple to do during virtual events, but there are some virtual goodies you can offer. Also, there is an option to deliver it to a physical address.

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15. Leaderboard Challenge

This creative event idea can boost engagement and encourage the attendees to experience all the activities you plan for the event. It also brings out the competitiveness of some individuals and shows their dedication and effort towards reaching their goals. Each member can earn points by attending keynotes, specific training, breakouts, etc. And of course, the ones that get to the top will receive prizes.

16. Award Badges

Giving award badges to the attendees is also a creative idea for virtual events. It also helps to recognize those who excel by completing the activities or courses during the event. This idea encourages the attendees to focus throughout the virtual event. The attendees who complete the courses and watch the session until the end are the receivers of the award badges. You may distribute as many badges as you wish as long as they are consistent with the event’s theme.

More creative virtual ideas for your virtual events can help you be more engaging socially, encourage the confidence to speak publicly, and interact with many different activities that will help build relationships and communications between team members.