Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, so it makes sense that you make Instagram a worthwhile experience with these incredible-looking and extremely hardworking Rather Follow the Red models. We bet you Instagram will look better than ever with gorgeous selfies, endless legs, and stunning locations. These are the 10 most popular Indian models that every boy should be following.

Hot Indian Model

The Top 10 Most Hot Models in India

1) Erica Packard

erikaa paikrdd, bhaartiiy glaimr moNddl

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Erica Packard is Bandra’s daughter and former Bollywood villain Gavin Packard. An agency found her while she was vegetable shopping in Bandra with her mother. She has since become a model!

Why Follow – Her Instagram feed pretty much sums up her personality – dynamic, vivid and oh so sexy!

2) Nidhi Sunil

nidhi suniil - hoNtt iNddiyn moNddl

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Who is she? A Bangalore law student became a model and started as Kingfisher Calendar Girls. She has been featured on the covers of Elle and Vogue, as well as Garnier’s face.

Why follow – A glimpse into her glamorous life and stunning editorial shoots at alluring places will inspire you to #livethedream.

3) Angela Jonsson

sbse hoNtt bhaartiiy moNddl

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Who she is – Angela, an Indian-part Icelandic model, won the Kingfisher Calendar model hunt 2011. Angela was born and raised in Chennai. She is based in Los Angeles, but splits her time between India, New York, and LA.

Follow her to see her lust-worthy selfies, and equally lusty life!

4)Ashika Pratt

aashikaa praitt - sbse seksii bhaartiiy moNddl

Aashika(c), listl(, celebsvenue. tumblr

Who’s She– This Auckland-born-Indian returned beauty came back to the country because she wanted to check out the modeling scene here and has since went on to become the most popular face in the industry.

Why Follow – Her Instagram feed shows a fascinating timeline of her life in NY as a model. She is also the best selfie-taker ever!

5) Elena Fernandes

ailenaa phrnaaNddiis

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Who is she – Elena Fernandes is a UK-born actress who has appeared on many runways and editorials. She is now aiming to make it into Bollywood. The beautiful, open-minded beauty holds a King’s College London law degree and is a self-confessed geek who rarely leaves the house without a book.

Why Follow – Ridiculously tall and good looking, Elena fitness also has a penchant forand gyming as seen from her Insta account.

6) Amy Jackson

emii jaiksn - bhaart meN hoNtt mhilaa moNddl model

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Amy Jackson, a British babe, is a well-known face in Tamil and Telugu. She has appeared in more than four films in South. Prateik Babbar also starred in a Bollywood movie titled ‘Ek Deewana Tha. The film was actually shot together, and the actresses even had a brief relationship during production.

Why Follow Amy’s Instagram – Amy is an extension of the beautiful girl she is. His vacation photos will inspire and motivate you to travel, even though he is a self-proclaimed “wanderluster”.

7) Ricky Chatterjee

rikii cttrjii

(c) Kingfisher Calendar. Twitter, Kingfisher Calendar.

She is a bong beauty who has been modeling for three years. Ricky is already making waves in the modeling world. Ricky was born in Jamshedpur and raised there. He moved to Bangalore shortly after his chosen career, and has been a star ever since.

Why Follow – Other than the fact she has the longest legs ever seen in modeling history (as tweeted By Atul Kasbekar), it is important to follow her for the delicious food photos she posts.

8) Paloma Monappa

paalomaa monppaa

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She is an actor-model and a DJ by day. When all that isn’t enough, she is also a surfer. Paloma has a Malayalam movie ‘Nelaksham Pachadal Chuvanna Bhoomi. She also works as a stylist freelance for TV commercials. Wow!

Why follow – She’s a beach bum and a travel enthusiast. Her feed will inspire you to #vacationgoals.

9) Neelam Gill

niilm gil

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Who she is: She is originally from London, but is the first Indian face for luxury brand Uber. What’s more? She’s only 19 years old! go figure.

Why Follow – It would be an amazing experience to see London and the runways backstage through her eyes.

10) Carla Dennis

hoNtt iNddiyn moNddls ko aapko abhii iNsttaagraam pr phoNlo krnaa caahie

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Who she is – Carla, a South-African-born native, moved to India to help her modeling career. We are beyond thrilled! She has been featured in many commercials, including music videos with Tanishq and Kareena Kapoor for Sony.

Why Follow? – Wake up to gorgeous, fresh-faced photos from Carla’s charming day. This will brighten your morning!